Struggling with counting calories

Some calories I am struggling working out so am trying not to eat the foods instead. With things like butter I don't know how to work out how many calories are really on the knife so just follow what the butter says it is for a portion etc. I don't know how many are on my slice of cheese as the calorie info just gives me info for 100g and don't know how to work it out for my slice of cheese that I would have so have stopped eating most of this sort of thing and have started to eat the menus in the NHS website because it tells you the calories on everything. My husband wants us to start making other foods he misses but I am worrying about how to work out the calories in everything so can anyone help me with how to do all of this properly, sorry, I just feel useless at the moment.


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  • I'd say, invest in a set of digital kitchen scales, and a set of measuring spoons/cups, it could be the best thing you ever do for yourself! It's very tedious and a bit fiddly at first, but once you have done it umpteen times get used to the habit of using them. I found that when I went back to guessing, thinking I knew rough portions, I would often overestimate. So back to the scales it was. That said, for my portion of cheese, I could usually guess within a few grams because I've measured it so often now, so it does get easier to guess. The scales I have are Salter, plastic flat platform, you can put the food straight on it if you so wish, or use a bowl, it caters for either way, you can press the reset button once the bowl is on there. I just wipe the scales clean after weighing cheese, I don't bother with a bowl etc. I think I got them from Argos, but I just bought my parents a set from Amazon so they are widely available and worth every penny for accuracy purposes.

    If you are looking for a calorie counter, I think a lot of people use my fitness pal? I personally use the NHS calorie counter which is here:

    I knew I was going to have to cook for us all from the outset, so I have made and saved documents in my computer which are almost like having a recipe. They show the typical ingredients we have with certain things, the weight/volume of each ingredient and the calories, alongside each ingredient, with a grand total for a 1/3 share of the meal at the bottom (because there are three of us). Again, the time doing this for me is well spent, because now, if I know what we are having for tea, I just open that document and it shows me the weights etc of everything, and I know what the whole dinner will be. Because I list the calories next to each ingredient, I can easily interchange veggies or whatever if I have more calories left in my daily allowance.

    I tend to waffle on, so I'll finish here, but I hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck! :-)

  • I think I repeated everything you said WeightWarrior :) whoops!

  • Lol! That happens to me too sometimes, I think we were both typing our responses at the same time, I just managed to hit the reply button just a second sooner than you I guess! :-)

  • Thankyou for your information, I will look at these my scales are a bit old now so probably need some new ones. Thanks for the link to the site. I appreciate all of the information as it will all help in different ways and is great info. You was not waffling you are just assisting me with different ways that could help. Thanks X

  • When I started trying to lose weight I bought some digital kitchen scales, they are not that expensive and wouldn't be without them now, still weigh things like pasta and cheese as easy to have too much, I definitely was before! You could weigh out a small portion of butter for the day and see how much you use in total. You can look up the calories online for everything, try myfitnesspal. Best wishes and good luck HubbysMissMouse

  • Thankyou, I will have a look at this now X

  • What you could do, Hubbysmissmouse, is treat yourself to a couple of good recipe books. My current favourite is the Hairy Dieters cookbook. They are delicious recipes, including lots of things Hubby will love, like Tikka Masala or beef stroganoff. It gives the exact calories for every recipe. I usually halve the recipes as there are only two of us and recipes are usually for four, or I make enough for four and freeze half for another day. You could try your local charity shop for old Weight Watchers recipe books too, very cheap, only a few pence usually, but check it is a fairly up-to-date one with calories as well as Weight Watchers points. The WW recipes are also excellent for menus with low fat, low cal delicious recipes. Glad to see you are still with us. How is it going otherwise? 😊

  • PS you are NOT useless! It's a long hard slog, we all know that, so hang on in there. You are going to feel so good when you see your first successes, even small ones. 👍

  • Thankyou to you all for your information,

    Tubby teacher I was away over Xmas and also at new year although I came home for two days in between, over Xmas I put on 1lbs and new year I put on 3lbs but didn't even eat my calories over new year as was not well with my epilepsy and this made me feel sick and couldn't eat dinner. Other than this I am fine and am just trying to catch up with my emails from people I have over 300. I did fall off my diet for two days but am back on to it now and am also back on the exercise now and off the crutches completely. Woohoo!

    I am determined to stick with this so can't see me going anywhere soon, you guys are all helping me to do this and are all great. Thanks X

  • There's no way you are useless!

    To work out the calories in your slice of cheese (or whatever you're having) when you have weighed it with your lovely new digital scales:

    (1) Divide the weight of the slice of cheese in grams by 100

    (2) Multiply (times) the result of (1) by the number of calories (kcal) per 100g given on your cheese's nutritional info

    So, for example, say your slice weighs in at 21 grams, and your cheese has 365 kcal per 100g:

    21 divided by 100 = 0.21 grams

    0.21 times 365 = 76.65 calories

    All the best! Abix

  • When I spread things on toast or bread I weigh the bread before and after to see how many grams I've added :) it takes a bit of practice, a lot of patience and some trial and error but you'll get used to it!

  • Thanks, I would never have thought of this idea as I wouldn't even think any weight would go on it because butter is so light. Good idea! X

  • Trust me, I had a shock the first time I weighed the butter I usually have on my toast! Lol good luck :) xx

  • This is what I do 😊

  • Because I can't be trusted around cheese I buy ready sliced ( and calorie counted) 😊

  • Have you tried the myfitnesspal app? You can scan in barcodes then just add the weight of what you're eating and it tells you how many calories. Really handy!

  • I just measure a small amount of butter every day - that's the amount I can have.

    Its a bit like going back to the 40s with the rations.

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