Some non scale victories!!

So, I was going through my wardrobe last night, because it was getting too cluttered and full of a load of summer style stuff I now I'm not going to wear this year.

Well, I came across a pair of trousers I bought a few months ago, which, at the time, didn't fit, for the size they are (which is the size I am), they were quite tight. So for some reason I decided to try them on and BAM! They fit. I've not done any measurements for ages, so no idea if I've lost in terms of cm. I then got brave and tried on a pair of jeggings I bought at the same time and again, were too tight. BAM! They fit also! So I can now fit in to 2 pairs of bottoms that previously I was too fat for.

I also bought a couple of new everyday bras the other day, on impulse. Got my usual size (which sometimes can be a bit tight on the band from the start (next band size up is too big) And it fits perfectly, not tight, could possibly get away with having to tighten it really, but it fits, I think, perfectly.

So that's 4 NSV for me since.

I have lost 11lbs before Christmas, but I'm getting weighed Monday, but I'm not going to be disappointed if I've put on - Christmas after all - as long as I don't go back over the 200lbs mark!

Happy new year everyone! And keep going with all the efforts!!


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7 Replies

  • Hooray! Non scale victories are the best :) Doesn't it feel amazing to fit into things you never used to? AND it was only a few months ago they were too small. That's really great progress :) Well done you. And you've got the right attitude about any Christmas gains - with the right attitude it'll come straight back off!

  • That must be so satisfying! Fitting into clothing feels much better than any number :) Good luck with your onwards journey!

  • Was it Kate Moss who said nothing tastes as good as slim feels?

  • Why yes it was ;)

  • That's great. These kind of discoveries are often the ones that bring it home to us that we're winning. I had that kind of revelation when it was time to wear my winter jackets recently. I had loads of room where before I felt like a Michelin man , I mean woman. I'm sure you'll lose any Christmas gains in no time.🤗

  • Thats brilliant, well done! What a satisfying thing. Your username is well chosen!!

  • What a fabulous way to start the new year! It's a special kind of victory to be fitting into those clothes even after the festive period - congratulations! :-D

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