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In not sure why I disappeared, I guess for the same reasons the weight crept back on. I was doing so well, then, no disasters or problems I just went back to 'normal life'!! When I weighed myself on New Year's Day I was horrified and decided to get myself sorted and to return here. It seemed the forum had changed in my absence so I'm more than delighted to see 'moreless' back. So sorry if you've had a bad time. Let's kick life into shape together. Looking forward to Monday weigh in as I'm back on the bike, despite the ice! Onwards and downwards (weight, not bike riding!)

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We returners have to stick together, Ceriandblue! Together, we can achieve anything! :)

Onwards and downwards! I'll get back on my bike too! :)

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Welcome back :-)


No, don't fall off your bike in the icey British weather! The ground is HARD and it hurts as my hubby found out. ha ha ha. Well done Cerieandblue for getting back "on the waggon".


Welcome back Ceriandblue


Welcome back stick at it. Onwards and downwards 😊


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