Rewards? 🤔

I'd like to know what (if you do) you reward yourself with for achieving your goals?

I've reset my self some mini goals, at 7lb intervals so as to keep my motivation going!

I don't want to reward myself with anything food related as I've tried this in the past and 1 treat turns into 10 and 1 day turns into a month! It's just something beyond my control at the minute! (it is something I want to work on in the future!)

Thanks! 😊

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  • I have been buying myself new running gear. First tights, then shoes, then winter running kit including everything, then a Garmin watch and recently another pair of tights. But I am obsessed with running ❤️🏃‍♀️👟

  • I like that idea! Keeps the motivation going for fitness too! Thanks :)

  • Hi. I had a massage for one, facial for another, hair appointment for another with a couple of cheap tops as my clothes are too big. I am doing a reward like that per stone plus a mini reward of lipstick, nice pen for having a good week. I am trying to get Mum and hubby to join in with this. So far my mum came through with some new knickers as mine were falling off. Husband hasn't yet but was supportive of my facial the week before Xmas even though we were virtually skint. What rewards do you fancy?

  • I quite like the idea of makeup as a reward, I've recently found a love for the Benefit brand! I was a given a 'make over' gift for Xmas so I may have to tie all of this in with the weight loss!

    I like the idea above too, using fitness gear as a reward!

    Thanks :)

  • Rewards don't need to come in the form of food. Besides, cosmetics and salon treatments, for example, are far kinder and beneficial to well-being than a takeaway, bottle of wine and box of chocolates.

  • wine works for me lol

  • Mine are 1 stone intervals. The £5 I put away each week (money we would of paid for a slimming class) when I have a weigh in at work with colleagues who are also doing the 12 week plan, I use to buy small things like underwear, or clothes. My family also buy things like makeup, or have my nails done etc. 😉

  • great idea

    we're doing a slimming weigh in at work to

  • I think it's great your workplace are all getting involved! A colleague of mine mentioned wanting to get healthy so I'm thinking we could do this together, and like you guys have a work place weigh in!

  • Good idea, and yes, good not to use food as a reward. A large part of my weight problem was seeing food treats as a reward.

    Things you could use:

    Nice pair of new knickers

    A magazine



    Trip to the cinema (no snacks!)

    Bubble bath with candles

    A new (healthy) cookery book

    A new nice mug or tea cup

  • Thanks for your ideas!

    I love the healthy cook book and manicure/massage ideas!

    Yes food as rewards can be an easy habit to fall into and a very hard habit to break!


  • When I go down a size my reward is to buy a sewing pattern and fabric and make myself something new.

  • That's a fantastic idea!

    I took up knitting and crochet about a year ago and have really gotten into it! So using that as a reward to get wool and patterns would certainly keep me motivated!

    Thanks! :)

  • I've recently started knitting again. I like BeanZ90's idea of putting some of my reward money towards wool for a new knitting project. Last year I discovered a really good wool stockist that's online but has their base close enough for me to drop in whenever I need something. I could be spending a lot there.

  • I could spend hours in wool shops! The colours, the variations, the sparkly things!

    I've decided my reward for my first 7lb loss will be a trip to my local wool store! They have gorgeous stuff so I'll buy something nice to make something for myself! 😄

  • At 2 stone I rewarded with a new Fitbit

    At 3 stone it was a new phone

    I've not done anything for 4 stone yet but 5 stone it will be my new cycle 🚲

    Good luck :)

  • I have a Fitbit Charge HR already which i used for motivation the first time I lost weight, I love the idea of using fitness gear as a reward so I'm definitely going to make a list of some things I'd like!

    Thanks! :)

  • I think it's great motivation to reward yourself for mini goals achieved. I got a tracker first I think, then a new haircut, then some new walking shoes, then some coloured wrist bands for my tracker - but I had to return them as they were poor quality and kept breaking! - when I was nearly at target I had some new leggings and a couple of tops and I've had a bit of costume jewellery!

  • I've decided to use new running shoes as one of my mini goals!

    I'm aiming to run the 10k Race For Life this year!

  • My reward will be being able to wear the lovely clothes in my wardrobe that are currently too small for me. I can't wait!

  • Good luck on your journey Cavaco!

    Yes I have several items I would love to fit into! My favourite is a blue 1940s inspired dress! I will post a picture after work!

  • mine's a Ted Baker skirt I bought in a sale. It didn't fit even then!

  • Just think of how amazing you're going to look in it once it does fit! 😄

  • and the same for you. It's proving to be great motivation for me.

  • Me too!! I've got clothes in the wardrobe still with the labels attatched. Look forward to them fitting!

  • I don't reward myself in a sense, i guess seeing myself slimmer is what i need, And when buying new clothes from XL now a M, but what i do is save a £1 for every 1lb loss and save that up currently at £104 so when im done my reward is being slightly richer aha :D

  • Yes I've thought about saving money for weight lost, my plan for that is for every lb lost I'll save £2, for every workout/exercise completed I'll save 50p, and for everyday I successfully track my calories and exercise I'll save 20p! It's not a lot but it all adds up :)

    But it's always nice to celebrate mini goals achieved through something you wouldn't ordinarily get yourself. :)

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