Put Down the Takeaway Menu and Pick up the Cookbook

Put Down the Takeaway Menu and Pick up the Cookbook

One of my biggest downfalls is reaching for the takeaway menu or ready meals (along with their fat and salt content) after a long day. Cooking dinner and making lunch has always seemed like such a chore so the easy (and often unhealthy) option is to get something quick and easy. I think the aversion to cooking comes from not really knowing how to cook. In a bid to make an actual life change I have invested in 2 cookbooks. One for quick meals during the week and something a bit more intense for those weekend meals. I'm hoping that varying my meals will reduce the urge to order a pizza and by becoming more integrated with how the food is prepared my eating habits will change in the long term.


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  • Hi fit for 30 along with cook books I have been down loading some great low calorie recipes & have really enjoyed cooking them. Had a Indian take away just before Christmas 1st for about 2 months really disappointed felt really sluggish after. Much preferred curries I've been cooking so much fresher tasting if that makes sense lol 😂. I joined the forum mid September so still New to this but loving it . Hope you enjoy your new cook books & will share some of your favourite dishes .

  • Please do all ideas are welcome

  • I have started cooking and it is 99% responsible for my weight loss - the other 1% is something to do with not eating chips as even if I had cooked these from scratch they would still be poison to me!

  • I have to admit, a lot of takeaway curries don't taste great to me since I found an amazing recipe for an aromatic prawn curry. It's got cashews in it, so not very low calorie but tastes amazing and all fresh ingredients. This post has reminded me to dig out my hairy dieters cookbook!

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