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A lot to lose

New to this and trying to do something about the 40+ kilos I am carrying. With one knee replaced and the other heading the same way I really need to shed some of this excess weight. I am no good at attending meetings and being shamed because I haven't lost anything, just makes me want to eat more.

I have osteoarthritis and am hoping that a better balanced diet will help me manage the pain.

Any suggestions welcomed

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Hi, welcome. I bet you will feel loads better when you just lose a bit. I have lost nearly 3.5 stone (still got 8 stone to go) but already feel tons better. I would suggest losing some weight quickly initially so that you can see some quick reduction in the scales. I did this using paleo. I know people say losing 1-2 lb a week is good and I agree it is but if you can lose a stone quickly it will then mean your clothes look better and you have more energy to carry on. Your weight loss will slow down but at least you will feel better already. It's only my opinion, good luck!!


I'm trying to losell 4 or 5 stone (I try not to think of the whole amount) to reduce the pain in my joints. So far I've only lost 7lbs. I've tried carrying a 7lb bag around though and it seems quite heavy! So I'm sure that whatever you lose must help.

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Hello LindaJR and welcome to the forum☺

Have a good look around, especially the pinned posts and the Welcome Newbies thread. Please ask if you have any questions we are a very friendly group ☺

Best wishes



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