What's your nemesis?

Mine is, and always has been, crisps! I am literally salivating at the thought of eating them. I am not going to buy any for myself because one packet is never enough. I could quite easily eat 10 packets of French Fries and then work past the ulcers in my mouth, and eat a few more........! I will buy just enough packets for hubby's bait, and then I might try him on some baked ones because his waist size shocked him yesterday so he might be up for change...xx


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26 Replies

  • Biscuits !!!!!

  • Cheese and Onion OMG how I miss them but I have an odd packet of French fries or Quavers every now and again. I also liike the vegetable crisps I must admit though watch how crisps are made and it may put you off.

    I now change the crisps for unsalted nuts.

  • I once read a book called 'You can be thin', twas very good and I did lose weight. The author said to burn a crisp with a lighter or match and that the smell would put you off them forever. Never did that then, but might this time...xx

  • Lol...do you want a list? Tiramisu, cheescake, custard tarts....all creamy things!

    I have indulged over christmas but back on the wagon now!! :-P

  • Chocolate! :( Oh chocolate why do you torment me so???

    Well done not buying yourself any :) at least u know what your enemy is what to avoid!

  • Snap! First day back at work and piles of chocolate and cakes near me. Totally not fussed. But do not put savoury snacks near me I will fight you for them and I WILL WIN! Strangely I can have packets of them in the house and if they are closed again, fine, but once opened I will eat them all.... Definitely my weakness.

  • Wine if I am visiting with friends. It was always chocolate but I don't use sugar anymore and now chocolates are much too sweet.

  • im definately savioury too and love crisps... but my weakness is Bread ... especially a lovely uncut fresh white Bread with just butter on it.... simple but tastes so nice !! I've not had bread for about 2mths now .. :-(

  • Hi. I love crisps too and cheese! I find it better not to buy any. Can you get your hubby to not eat them or get him to buy his own when he is out. Give him a non food reward!

  • Ooh er Mrs!

  • 😲😉

  • Nothing IF it's not in the house...however bring in a freshly baked loaf of crusty delicious cereal bread and that and a quarter pound of butter will be on my hips in no time.

  • Toast and homemade Seville marmalade.

    yes I would probably walk over hot coals for it.

    Crips - salt and vinegar.

    yes I would probably sit in bath tub filled with iced water.

    That's my top two but oddly enough I wouldn't eat them together.


    PS can't recall EVER just eating one biscuit unless of course it's the last one in the house.

  • Definitely biscuits for me. 1 is not enough, 2 makes you want more but once you hit 3 it is a slippery slope to eating the rest of the packet. I am ok if the biscuit packets are not opened but once opened I really struggle. Not been counting calories over Christmas and it really throws me. As soon as I don't have a number to stick to I lose the plot!

  • Crisps , crunchy peanut butter and cheese.

  • I've never known anybody to eat just one biscuit either. But they aren't my nemesis. Mine is wine without a shadow of a doubt but then once the wine's opened, out come the crisps or nuts....or both. Damn!!

  • It's a blooming conspiracy!

  • spam, sausages, salami, I must be a predator in my previous life:)

  • Guess the only way out for me is have it once a week. I'm the type if you tell me I can't have something, it'll make me want it more.

  • Chocolate & Dr Pepper. Love both. Oh & Costa coffee paninis & toasties.

  • Savoury. Meat.... But I can eat crisps and chocolate quite effectively too!

  • Have you tried skinny popcorn? 78 cals a pack.

  • Not a big fan of popcorn - sticks in me teeth, but thanks for the post. For me, nothing compares to crisps, so rather than eating something similar and still craving them, I'd rather do without...xx

  • Cheese for me. Love it so much and there is virtually no type I won't eat ( I draw the line at stinking bishop). Gruyere, blue Stilton, Camembert, cheddar, Brie, blacksticks blue.... the list and temptation is endless. I doubt I'll never get osteoporosis!!

  • Pickled onion Monster Munch 😭😭😭 they're literally the worst! My mum didn't let me have them as a child as they were 'too fattening'... I now see her point 😂

  • Yes, they do give scratch the inside of my mouth though

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