2017 Goals

Just wondered what everyone's goals are for 2017?

mine is too stop.smoking (on day 3) and almost over the urges, just scared im going to replace smoking with food.

loose weight - not a priority, id rather be fit than slim.

be fit enough to run 5 and 10k races, ive booked a charity challenge in October to hike along the Great Wall of China, and i want to enjoy the experience not be out of breath and be miserable the whole time.

Enjoy every moment of 2017 and make every moment count - Stolen but love this one!

Anyone have similar goals?

Sorry for the awful typos, my phone doesn't seem to like this site! - updated now using a laptop :)

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10 Replies

  • Mine are to lose about 12lb, and to stay fit with Pilates classes. Both targets a result of two ruptured discs last summer, which meant that due to pain and immobility, my weight rocketed and mobility plummeted! Good luck with the smoking, I know how hard that is from watching my mum and sister struggle with it, but you can succeed.

  • Smoking, I've booked myself on a hike of the great wall of China so need to improve overall endurance and fitness, which I wont be able to do if i smoke.

  • Good luck working towards these goals. Have you chosen one as your main priority? I ask as I know how difficult quitting smoking is having done it 10 years ago after 50 years addicted to it. It was well worth the effort. I only wish I had done it long before that.

  • 3rd day today, doing ok, getting easier, trying not to replace ciggs with food.

  • That temptation is what makes it difficult to do both at once. One thing I found helped was to freeze a small bottle of water(. Three quarters full) and keep it nearby. It will melt very slowly but quickly enough to mean when you are tempted to smoke or eat, you always have a drink of really cold water to occupy your mouth! It was something I learned in my younger days when I went hill walking as the ice in the bottle lasted most of the day and I used it a lot when I quit smoking too. Good luck.

  • My goal is to lose at least 3 stone this year! Hope I can achieve this!

  • Good luck, would love to achieve this as well, though becoming a non smoker and getting fit is my priority, all weight-loss is a bonus :) x

  • My 1st goal is to lose 60lbs by 15th May.

    My 2nd goal is to keep it off forevermore.

    My 3rd goal is to make sure I live in the moment and not waste a single day of 2017

  • I love your last goal, life is precious and something that slips away so fast, all these years ive smoked and slowly got less fit, makes me so angry of all the things i am missing out on. Stealing that one for my list :) x

  • Totally agree.

    Joined in with the happiness project by Tanya on here. It's already focused me on the here and now.

    I'm grasping that flipping nettle in 2017

    If I can feel the sting I must be alive ....hooray.

    Quit the smoking...you can do it. Sending love.


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