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Time for a serious change I'm 5ft 4 and weigh 14stone. I have tried every fad diet going and I'm now at the point where I feel so blinking down about my weight. New year really needs to mean new me. I find it rather difficult to find the diet to diet silly I know. I am a mother to 3 boys and I work full time, my job however consists of me travelling to different sites across the country so services have become my best friend!! I need help!!!

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Hi Cara36 :)

Welcome to the forum. :) I think the key for you is organisation. Just because you're busy and travel a lot does not mean you can't eat healthy! PREP! Yep, that means stocking up on fruit, nuts and other healthy snack alternatives and always having some with you, cooking meals from scratch in big batches and storing them so you can re-heat them quickly when you need to eat them...pack healthy lunches and snacks and always carry a big bottle of cool water...take the stairs whenever possible, park the car further away so you can squeeze in some mild cardio in the form of walking and when you nip to the loo try and do some squats in your cubicle (who's going to see you? And unless you make funny noises when you do them then no one will know what you're doing!!) :P

Anyway, I hope you manage to follow at least some of that and I am sure you'll lose weight and become fitter and healthier and be a really good example to your boys. :) Good luck!!

Sazkia :)


Hi Sazkia

Totally agree with all your comments 😁 I need a good kick up the butt and learn to prep and take packed lunch with me when I'm at work.

I will and can do this I'm a bridesmaid in 6 months and would like 2 stone gone. I have joined the gym and signed up to the 5k podcasts to get me running!!



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You can totally do this, it just takes some effort and organisation is all!! ;) :P

Keep us updated on how you progress as being active here helps you to stay focused. :) Plus we're all so lovely haha :P

Good luck lovely!! :)

Sazkia ♥


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