The Jane Plan

Well I've gone and done it! Signed up for a meal replacement service for one month, the Jane Plan. Saw it in Good Housekeeping magazine. Just wanted to try something new as feel I am in a rutt. Has anyone else tried it? Has good reviews, just hope the food is reasonably tasty! It seems expensive but then maybe not as I shouldn't be buying all the extras I normally do. Will let you know how I get on 🙄.


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11 Replies

  • Yes please update us with how you get on . I have seen this, but like you I thought it pricy. So it would be really interesting to get an unbiased review of how the month goes. Good luck .

  • Yes will do and thanks for your encouragement, Hopefully be able to start by the weekend. 😃

  • I'd be very interested to hear how you get on. Do you generally eat alone or does this lend itself to family eating?

  • No I eat with my husband but I am a vegetarian and I also eat fish so we don't always eat the same things together anyway. Don't think this is a problem. Anyway will post how I get on 😄

  • i tried Diet Chef a couple of years ago i did lose weight, but it was expensive i didnt realise you would need to buy fruit and veg on top of the meals they provide, they were tasty and quick and easy to do.

  • Thanks. I will see how it goes that's why I have only signed up for a month, just as a kickstart. It would be too expensive long term for me. I like the idea of the structure and not having to think about calories. You can also have weekends off if you wish, in case you have a meal out or event planned. If the food tastes ok I can do it just worried it won't! Positive thinking 🙄

  • Well I have been all fired up to receive my meal plans today but had notification that the goodie box won't arrive until Monday. I will therefore be starting the plan on Tuesday. Bit of a anticlimax ☹️ but never mind will keep you posted how I get on. Good news I have already lost a pound 😇

  • Well day one of Jane Plan. It has been quite tough but I knew it would be. Surprisingly the hardest thing has been not drinking Azera cappuccinos which I am addicted to. Just can't find anything to replace it so have settled on sparkling water with lemon! The good news is I haven't really felt hungry. There are two snacks you can have, one at 11 and again at 3 which I guess helps with the blood sugar fluctuations. Breakfast of granola was very nice, cous cous salad at lunch not bad, but didn't like the evening meal of veg curry and rice. It had a funny taste to it and was quite spicy. On the whole a good first day and I am determined to persevere. It is great not having to think about what I am going to eat at each meal as it is all done for you. Will post at the end of the week with update on weight lost!

  • Woo hoo lost 4 pounds in week one! Feeling very motivated. Roll on week two.

  • Starting to settle in with this plan, have already decided to do another month. It will be easier the next time as I can order the food which I like the best as some of the meals I haven't liked. Lost one pound this week but not disappointed as I know this is what happens when your body is getting used to a change of diet. The great thing is I am still very motivated as usually after a couple of weeks the novelty of a new diet wears off. This is very good from the point of view I don't have to think or worry what my next meal is and not to put too fine a point on it I am also sticking to it as to be frank it hasn't been cheap and I don't want to waste my money! Roll on week 3.

  • I have been on Jane Plan for just over 3 weeks and have lost 6lb so far. It might not sound a lot but I am pleased as have had a few slip ups along the way. I would like to lose another 10lbs which will satisfy me as all I am interested in is feeling healthier with more energy and having my clothes fit better. It doesn't matter what number is on the scales for me. i have decided it's not an all or nothing way for me, slow but sure. The tortoise gets there in the end!😁

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