Eating out and just any advice!

I'm new to this weight loss malarkey and hope to get some support. I'm officially overweight and need to lose about 2st7lbs. My big problem is that I'm working away much of the time, staying in hotels and eating out - I find it really hard to go for the sensible option, especially as this is so often salad (dull). It also means I find it difficult to exercise - the hotels tend to be Travelodge style with no facilities... until I started this job, I'd been going to the gym fairly regularly and have never had a real problem with my weight. I'm 52 (and menopausal to add to the fun). Any advice gratefully received.


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  • I agree it's tricky. Menus just don't offer the choices. If you use an app like My Fitness Pal (free) you can easily check calorie values in the chain restaurants. I try to go for steak and salad, for example. And often something like sorbet if you really want a pudding. Pizza Express have a range of leggera pizzas which are really nice.

  • I've downloaded MyFitnessPal but can't find how to check calories in the app? I can add new food but don't seem to be able to find anywhere to check...I like the idea if I could only see how to make it work! I'm not computer illiterate but I do feel stupid!

  • Go to diary. Choose the appropriate meal. Click on add food. Write the name of the food (and restaurant if it's a chain) and then hit search. That should work. HTH

  • You could always take some dumb bells with you and exercise in your hotel room, using YouTube videos, or the Wake-Up Work Out video on here: That might help. Difficult menu wise, but eat less in the day to control total calories, and restrict the empty calories of certain desserts - choose fruit. Choose more vegetables. You could perhaps reveal to the hotel that you're trying to lose weight, and not choose the chips (which seem impossible to avoid) but ask for mushrooms or extra green veg. Choose foods with more protein, eg fish, grilled foods. You never know, chef might make you an omelette if you asked for one.....

  • I'm not up to carrying dumbells around with me - I'm already struggling with suitcase and very heavy briefcase on the tube. I think if I added dumbells, I'd never manage the stairs on the underground!!

    Thanks for the link. I tried the video yesterday (yay!), couldn't keep up with it all but I gave it a go and it's certainly something I can do in a Travelodge!

  • Ah, I understand now - that would be the last straw wouldn't it? I have a lovely mental picture now of what you must have thought when getting that suggestion !!!

  • I just thought I was being a wimp and everyone else would be running up and down the steps with a dumbell in each hand...

  • Difficult when you have a highly demanding job and eating out a lot. I'm starting my own business. Taking time plan and prepare meals and exercise is not an easy task. Here are some tips I gathered, hopefully they'll help

    1. order starters, you can more than just salad, and smaller in size, soup is filling too

    2. kiddie size

  • It's just been suggested to me that I get the bill as soon as I've ordered, that way no one is going to try and tempt me with a dessert menu...

    That alongside a starter with salad, sounds like a plan to me.

    Thanks all.

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