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Exercises for a hermit? πŸ‘™

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So, as most of us here, I want to get fit and shed a lot of weight (6-7stone in total)

Of course this won't happen over night, and I am so ready for then road ahead of me, one of which will change my whole life πŸ˜€

BUT! I have an issue... I have very bad anxiety, to the point I've not managed to leave my home alone in over a year and even struggle a lot when I'm with other... Now I know to lose weight it's not just eating healthy it's the exercise along side too.. But with me unable leave my home, any activities outside of my four walls seems impossible..

So, I ask, is anyone else in the same boat? Does anyone have any ideas of home routines I can do to get simular results as a gym? I have low funds so things like treadmills, weights etc are a no go sadly πŸ˜•

Thanks for reading my fellow losers πŸ’•πŸ‘™

15 Replies
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jopo3 stone

Hi Chaaar94

If you've got a staircase you're in luck. Low impact, great exercise and you'll be surprised how many calories they burn. Start with 100 steps a day and just increase over time.

Yoga or keep fit videos are also fun with a bit of jolly upbeat music blasting out.

Must dash going to run up stairs see if my great advice is doable xx

Chaaar94 in reply to jopo

I don't have stairs sadly.. I'll look into keep fit videos, I need one that'll keep me motivated, I've tried them before and they just become so boring after a while lol x

Manjeet14 in reply to jopo

Hi Chaar, discovered so many different ones on u tube. Boring is just in the mind. Think other things you enjoy while exercising. 😊

Hi there, don't panic! You can lose weight purely through changing what you eat. I've fallen off the wagon a LOT over the past 6 months but before that, I was losing weight purely through calorie counting. I have arthritis and limited mobility so going out running, or a lot of the time even walking, were simply not possible for me. I also suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression - double whammy. I had reached a point where I had lost 4 stone, although I've had a major dietary crash and much work to do again now. Just mentioning all this to reassure you that you can do it, even if you can't go out or exercise very much. I used the NHS BMI calculator to tell me how many calories I was allowed to eat per day and I was pleasantly surprised, because the heavier you are, the more calories the body burns at rest. As your weight decreases, so your calorie intake gradually decreases, but you don't have to suddenly leap into ridiculously massive decreases which will leave you hungry, that's the main thing I gained comfort from.

As for exercise indoors, I've read others advising on searching youtube which apparently has videos of exercises you can do at home. You could walk on the spot while waiting for the kettle to boil (I do this when able), or you could wear out your stair carpet by walking up and down the stairs if you are able. Put on some music and dance, become a cleaning addict and push the hoover round a couple of times a day if you don't already lol, even cleaning burns calories too.

Good luck on your journey! I now have at least 5 and 1/2 stone to lose to be at the top end of my weight range for my height, but when I started just over a year ago I had at least 7 and 1/2 stone to lose, so I understand how you may feel. The key to it is to just keep getting back up and trying again after any blips you may have along the way. I could say, I'm defeated, and stop trying, but then I'd gain the extra 2 stone I've kept off as well as the 2 stone already gained. So I'm pressing the reset button now, before I allow myself to slip all the way backwards again. Let's do it, onwards and downwards!

You are so inspiring. We will all try and keep busy in different ways. It's believin that counts and you prove it can be done. Even though we may fall off the wagon, can get on again. πŸ˜„

Chaaar94 in reply to Manjeet14

Thank you very much πŸ’• I'm just fed up with physically and mentally being unhappy, as they say, healthy life healthy mind etc.. I'm very determined to do this xxx

Manjeet14 in reply to Chaaar94

Hi Chaar, how you doing. Liked your positive mind reply. I lost my son last year and put on more weight, but I know we are masters of our destiny. This group helps remind us to stay positive. I have been good last two days and had a day of exercise of ten minutes but a start and fallen off wagon many times. Do not give up and keep believin in us. 😊


What about a Pilates or similar DVD? Plenty going cheap on EBay or just check out exercise routines on YouTube and pick one you like. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

TrimmerteacherMaintainer in reply to Trimmerteacher

Just seen everyone else has said the same. Doh!


I suffer from anxiety too Im grateful that I have never got to the point where I can't go out but I do sympathise as I know there have been times in the past where I could have stayed at home quite easily Im well now but I know exactly how you feel

Im sure you will find lots of love and support on here

I know there are exercises on you tube for indoor walking Im sure someone on this forum will remember the name of the person who does the videos

How about dancing ? That's great and fun too put your favourite music on and have a boogie πŸ˜‰

Wishing you loads of luck Have you been on the Anxiety Support forum ? It might help but this forum is lovely and upbeat and people do care about each other on here and will really support you

I'd love to hear how you get on

Also I would really recommend the DARE Response by Barry McDonagh you can get it on Amazon it's a fantastic book for anxiety

Anytime you need a chat please don't hesitate to message me

All the very best we'll get you there πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

you sound so much like me I have a total of 5 st 7 to lose and also cannot leave front door as I have panic attacks (awful) ..i some times need a little support from some one and was wondering if you would like the same back as we do seem very similar,if your interested let me know and if you don't best of luck to you anyway πŸ™‚

Hi have a look on youtube at leslie sansone walk at home dvds you can start off slowly and gradually to build up your fitness levels. I wish you luck with your weight loss. Have you tried just standing on the door step. And then maybe slowly taking 1 step a day until you reach the gate.



I;ve got anxiety issues, too, so I sympathise with your predicament.

Exercise DVDs, or classes on the internet, are obviously good. If you can do these three times a week, a mix of aerobic and strength exercise, you'll be doing yourself a lot of good.

But also:

walk around your house rather than sit about

work in the garden

do your housework more often and as vigorously as you can

stand rather than sit - you could use the ad breaks on TV as a signal to stand up and walk around, or shift weight from foot to foot

march on the spot when waiting for the kettle to boil or something to cook, or use the time to stretch out your arms and shoulders. As you get fitter you can march with your knees lifting up higher and higher

do a chair routine while watching tv. You can do quite a few arm, leg and tummy strengthening exercises while sitting down. Use tins of soup, or water bottles as hand weights, or get one of those exercise rubber bands to provide some resistance

Remember, though, that portion control of what you eat is 90% of weight loss, if not more. Exercise is the icing on the cake (sorry!). It will make you fitter and make you look better - a toned slim person rather than a scraggy one - but it won;t shift much weight in itself. So, even if you do no exercise at all, you will still lose weight if you reduce your calories intake sufficiently.

Best to do both, though.

There are lots of free 30 day challenges or similar on the internet, maybe sign up for one of those, you don't need any equipment, and take it from there? Good luck

Hi I have difficulty walking and have found chair aerobics on utube. I especially like Zumba Gold with Zoe Cordwell she is so good, really entertaining that you don't even realise you are exercising.

Good luck on your weight loss journey


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