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Day 1 and back to work

Well here goes. Day 1. No breakfast - bought cereal to work then completely forgot to eat it - doh. Lunch is a jacket spud and beans (thank god for the work microwave) apples and cherry toms for snacks and spaghetti Bol for dinner tonight.

Added incentive now; we've booked a two week break for next Christmas in Wales. I want to be able to post a picture on here this time next year of me half way up a mountain in some snazzy size 14 winter gear not as the 20st yeti I am at the moment😉 Xx

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Great 1st day....you can do it!! 😃


well that sounds like a plan Tattyp. you don't need me to tell you that breakfast is an important meal, try to make sure you remember tomorrow, it'll help stop those mid morning hunger pangs.


Sounds like a good start Tattyp33 . Lots of information in the pinned posts on here about BMI and suggested calories, recipes. The challenges are good too. I started this time last year and now at healthy BMI, 2 sizes smaller and over 3 stones lighter. For all newbies it is so worth it, make looking after yourself a priority, find out more about healthy eating and it really is possible! Good luck!


I love this advice and motivating post from Sailsalot - thank you !


Good luck TattyP

I love Wales, you'll have a fab holiday there. Looking forward to the pics !


From one 20 stone yeti to another - You can do it and so can I! I just googled a yeti - very cute. I went to Wales this Christmas and it was very mild - probably need snow boots next year. Good luck!!

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