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OMG 4lb weight gain over Christmas!!!

So it would appear that I've had a very good Christmas and New Year and to be honest I was mindful some of the time but I think the prosecco consumption got a little out of hand 😱

The Plan:

Write my food and drink consumption daily to track and keep accountable

Do some sort of exercise every day even if that is only 20 mins walk

Keep a reflective diary and hope this keeps me mindful of my actions.

Dry January - going well so far!

If any of you have any additional suggestions PLEASE let me know. I so want to get this weight (42 lbs) shifted for good!

Have a good week everyone 🙂

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You are doing all the right things, once you start to identify your habits you can start to address them.

I have a folder on my laptop desktop where I save recipes that I like. It helps to have meal ideas to go to. Just an idea.

Since you are giving up some things why don't you compensate by letting yourself have something healthy but that you might normally consider a treat. For me it is having salmon for supper on a regular basis.


Thank you. I love the idea of treating myself to something healthy, will have a think about some ideas as I'm cleaning up this morning.

I also like the idea of keeping recipes on my laptop to make menu planning easier. I am hoping to try and get into the habit of including a new recipe every week to try and mix things up a bit and keep it interesting.

Have a good day 🙂

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Hi Dora,

You have a good action plan that will get you right back on track and I have a feeling you will do well on your journey this year! Stay positive :)

I like that you will keep a reflective journal. Will you join in the new happiness challenge, starting today? Got a little behind due to travelling back and a day of recovering from the long drive.


Thank you for reply. I had missed last couple of entries and just caught up now. It was your post which inspired me to keep a reflective journal as I think this helps to keep me accountable,

I hope to join in your new challenge will look out for it.


You are not alone Dora415 😕 I am trying to focus on all the things I CAN eat and CAN do to keep positive ☺ I also find keeping a food journal with recipes and inspirational moments very helpful ☺

Good luck

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