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Out of Hibernation into the New Year


It's been 3 Months since my last post - I've had a ridiculously busy few months with the build up to Christmas through work and socially that I really haven't given a thought to losing weight. I've kept up my exercise through Netball twice a week and walking at the weekend and also eating relatively healthily - except for the Christmas Chocolate and snacks! So I've ended up maintaining at 12st 6 - which I'm fine with, it shows me my lifestyle is on track and that I just need to make a concerted effort to shift this extra weight and then continue to maintain.

For me it is quite a mental struggle - to say no to naughty snacking and too many carbs with my main meals and also pushing myself out the door for a run when it's raining outside!

I'm getting married on the 26th of August this year (exciting) but I'm desperate to be 10st7 by then - so that gives me 33 weeks to loose 27lbs, sounds achievable at less than a pound a week, but I'm sure it will have it's ups and downs. My Hen do is the 21st of July so if I could get to my Goal weight by then that would be awesome.

I have already bought my Wedding Dress a month or so ago... I currently wear some size 12 and some size 14 clothes so was distraught when they ordered me a size 16 for my dress :( hopefully they can take it in easily because I'm determined to be slimmer for the wedding day!!

So How do I do it??? I had a Fitbit for Christmas which I am hoping will help me on my journey, I'm quite competitive so I've already been walking further to achieve my goals! I'm also desperate to get back to running - since moving house I've lost my running route and will to do it... but I'm going to force myself to find a new one.

Just getting over a horrible chesty cold at the moment which has hampered my progress but I WILL loose 2lbs this week and report back next week (positive thinking right?)

Any hoo Happy New Year all!

January 2015 Starting Weight: 14st 3lbs

January 2017 Week 1: 12st 6lbs

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Congratulations on your wedding this Summer. A wonderful event and highly motivating for you to lose those extra pounds.

Loving the fitbit idea. Which model did you buy ? X


Thank you Jopo, and good luck on your weight loss journey! I have the Fitbit Charge HR - it seems to do everything I need it to - I use to log my exercise with my fitness pal but it's great that this can just do this automatically, it even tells me how many calories I burn whilst I'm asleep! Which means you can have a great idea or calories going in and out which I guess is super handy for weight loss, I'll let you know how I get on! ;)

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Lovely, thanks 🌸


Hello Sd33

Welcome back to the Forum ☺Things are a little up in the air on the forum at the moment with a few changes and updates planned ☺

Well done on maintaining your weight for 3 months, thats a real achievement ☺ And what a lovely goal to be slim for your hen party and wedding.

Did you post your weight on the Monday weigh in thread? This was hosted by YellowRose55 this week ☺

Best wishes



Hi Anna, thank you - I've just posted now.

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Great stuff ☺


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