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On it like a bonnet

I'm tracking everything I eat with the NHS calorie counter log, I've been doing yoga and even got out for a walk yesterday. I feel GREAT!

Previously I've had a tendency to over-think this kind of stuff, but I'm just gonna take each day as it comes and plan what I eat carefully and keep moving my body.

They say it takes 12 weeks to change your habits - the next 12 weeks are going to change my life... For the better. I can feel it. I've so got this.

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Hi and so much positivity coming from your post.😊👍

I think that's why the 12 week plan works even though after going through the 12 week plan twice and on the third go I now don't fill in the sheets but use my fit bit for recording, the thing is your way of looking at what's in foods change hence a longer supermarket shop lol.

You are right one day, one goal, one challenge at a time.

Good luck sending virtual will power over to you👍


Well done, I have just started this way to lose weight. Is there any easy way to count calories, I make a slice of brown toast 252 cals is this right?


1 slice is approx115 calories with butter.


brilliant I ate less calories Thank you

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