Here we go again!!

After successfully losing nearly 4 stone in 2015 it's only taken 2016 to put it all back on again...

So I'm facing the rather daunting task of trying to lose around 10 stone (eeek!!) however,for the first time in a long while I actually feel up to the challenge but this time I need to do things 'properly' - no fads, no dubious pills, no paying ridiculous weekly amounts for the privalage of feeling pants 😉

It's time to step up, take a long hard look at myself and learn a bit of self control, sensible eating and learn that a bit of exercise is probably not going to kill me...

Good luck to everyone else starting their journey this week. X


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7 Replies

  • Hello Tattyp33 welcome to the forum I hope you find it a supportive and inspiring place- I certainly have. You sound like you are feeling very positive 😀 Have you read the pinned posts for newbies on the right hand side of your screen? it gives loads of helpful information about how to use the site and links to things like the NHS 12 week plan which many of us have used with some success. I wish you luck and determination 😀

  • I would recommend trying the 12 week NHS plan and please don't be so hard on yourself. You cannot change the past and how you got here. Working out what to do now that will be sustainable for you is key.

    Good luck and look forward to hearing your progress and successes :)

  • You can do it and you sound motivated so go for it! ;) D

    Good luck!!!

    Sazkia :)

  • Thanks everyone - what a great welcome 😘

  • I'm from Canada,can you please tell me how much (in pounds) a stone is. Even though we made the switch to metric years ago I still can't 'get it'. Good luck with your weight loss. I have a strong feeling you 'll do it !

  • There are 14 pounds to a stone kitcat49 🙂

  • Thanks Tatty (such a cute 'name'). It's a tough row to hoe isn't it. I have yoyo'ed 50 (last time 30) lbs so many times in my life, my metabolism is skewed for life I excuse. My downfall is sugar and it's in everything. I find myself wanting it in meals now, I really feel it's a serious addiction !....Cat

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