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New Year, fresh start... again!

jeelbert7 stone

This time last year I weighed 18 stone 1lb with a BMI of 39.6. I was shocked and disgusted with myself for letting things get so bad, but finally determined to DO something about it. After all, I'm the only one who can take my life in hand - support and encouragement from others is fantastic but it also takes a bucket of self-control and a barrow-load of personal responsibility to really make a change. It took almost a year of doggedly working hard to take control of my life, my eating habits, exercise and health and I joined this forum in December. At that time I weighed 12 stone 9lbs - a total loss of 76lbs (5 stone 6lbs) and a BMI of 27.7 - getting there but still a way off being at a healthy weight and BMI. I had a reasonably sensible Christmas and didn't put on any weight... thank goodness.

So - here I am, a year on from the start I made, feeling and looking soooo much better! A new year has begun and now I'm ready for the final push to lose another 20lbs and reach a BMI of 22, in the healthy range instead of Obese or Overweight. I've charged up my Fitbit that has been hiding in a drawer for a couple of months and today I've clocked up 16,000 steps. I'm back on track and enjoying it again!

My pledges for this year are:-

1. Continue to eat sensibly and pay attention to the nutrition my body NEEDS, rather than the junk I want to eat!

2. Go for a walk 5 days out of 7, and reach a target of at least 70,000 steps each week.

3. Lose weight steadily - aiming for 20lbs in total at 1-2lbs per week - to reach 10 stone 7lbs by the end of April.

20lbs sounds a lot more do-able than my original target of 100lbs! But I know that the last few pounds can be just as difficult to shift as the very first few, so I'm going to have to dig deep and remember why I'm doing this. Better health. Feeling good about myself. Looking good!

Jan 4th 2016 Start weight:- 18 stone 1lb

Jan 2nd 2017 12 stone 9lbs

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Wow! I want to be like you!

jeelbert7 stone in reply to EllaMidlands

Thank you! I wanted to be like me too, but didn't think it would ever happen. But here I am, still plugging away and more determined than ever that I will take control and "be the me I want to be!" Good luck - you can do it too 🙂


Wow!!! That's AMAZING jeelbert - what an incredible achievement! I can tell you're very proud of yourself and so you should be!! Well done. :D

Your aims sound very sensible and practical, you can totally do this. ;) Happy New Year!! :)

Sazkia :)

jeelbert7 stone

That made me giggle - thank you! Nice to know my fight with the faaaat is an encouragement for others in the same boat. It CAN be done - here I am 😊 One day, one pound at a time. Still on the journey but feeling that the finish line is that wee bit closer, nearly in reach. You can do it too!

Hidden in reply to jeelbert

It is a lot closer...I always found setting smaller goals and focusing on them helped loads. You've done incredibly well. you'll smash your ultimate goal..well done! :)


Well done on your loss so far. You have done brilliantly. I'm about the same weight as you but I'm going To maintain for a time till I decide how much further I want to go. You seem to be going about achieving your goal very sensibly and I have no doubt you will do it. You have already achieved so much this should be a cakewalk.💐💐

jeelbert7 stone in reply to wa2un7

Cakewalk? No way... piece-of-fruit-walk maybe 😜

But I hear you... and I know that I'm in a better place to reach my target than this time last year. Just got to keep focussed on WHY I'm doing this and stop looking for excuses when things get a bit more challenging. Thank you for your encouragement.

Ruby81 stone

Brilliant goals, you re very organised and focussed! :-)

jeelbert7 stone in reply to Ruby8

Thanks Ruby8 - just plugging away and not looking for fast fixes or miracles. The weight sneaked on over several years so I know for it to come off and more importantly to stay off, I need to look long-term. Not just losing the weight but the way I think of food so that healthy eating becomes the norm. It'll happen - just need to keep my eyes on the prize 🙂

Itsbab4 stone

Wow! Amazing & inspirational, so glad you feel so much better and still on track for even more weight loss to get to your ideal weight. Best wishes Bev 👍😊

jeelbert7 stone in reply to Itsbab

Thanks Bev - it's taken a while but my change of attitude was all that I needed to start the transformation. Feeling good about myself has been a recent unexpected thrill for me after years of hiding and denial and low self-esteem, and that difference is what keeps me feeling positive. I can do it!

Itsbab4 stone in reply to jeelbert

Yes you can and indeed are doing it 👍 You are right it's a change of attitude where something clicks in your brain about foods and exercise and then a snowball effect happens the more you loose the stronger your will power and confidence grows. Enjoy the new feeling and confidence you are getting now and a happy 2017 to you. 😊🎉

DRS5410 kg

Wow, well done on your journey so far. Keep going - I started on Monday.

Fantastic!! Well done you. Good luck for the last leg :)

happymusicRestart October 2019

I am very encouraged by your story, I am about the same weight just 3lb less and I want to weight what you are now. Good Luck I am sure you can and will do it.



Awe thanks you for your story. I'm motivated now to face 2017 with my aim of loosing 6 stones by Xmas to be 9 stones..well done and keep it up

jeelbert7 stone in reply to Bevoly

Thanks Beverly... I never thought at the start that a year later I would have been feeling soooo much better about myself. It's not been easy but also not impossible to make healthy eating and exercise a normal part of my life, and once you start to see the difference it makes, it encourages you to keep going. Good luck - the first step is the hardest but so worthwhile! 🙂

George56Super Trier

Wow!!!!🙂 You must feel great Jeelbert. 5st. I hope to post that next year! Thank you. Apart from Hearts beating Rangers 4 - 1 at Tynecastle you have made my night! 🌠

Chumpchops2019 October

Really inspiring...fantastic weight loss! Big congratulations. I have v over weight (16st7lbs) and high BMI and would like to really try and finally go for it, no excuses.....2020 is the year it MUST work..! eeek! Aiming to be 12st to begin with. Don't think I'll ever get back to my 10st2lbs! ):

All the very best x

morelessAdministrator in reply to Chumpchops

Hi and welcome, Chumpchops :)

Unfortunately you've replied to a 3 yr old post and jeelbert hasn't been active on the forum for over 2 years, so you may not get a response.

Follow this link to our chat thread and a list of all the activities we run. We've found active participation to be key to success, especially with our weigh-ins and Daily Diary.

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security.

Wishing you all the best :)

Chumpchops2019 October in reply to moreless

Thank you so much moreless...I hadn't seen the date on that post. - silly old fool!

I will follow your advice. As a newbie on here, I have a lot to learn, so must be patient!!

Thank you so much again.


morelessAdministrator in reply to Chumpchops

We more mature must stick together ;)

Just take your time and ask if you have questions :)

Chumpchops2019 October in reply to moreless

Thank you again... all help and support much needed and very welcome.

Have always been a "foodie" - grew up in a very foodie environment, and our children also enjoy the creative side of cooking too.

My plans work, mainly no carbs after about 5pm. And more excercise. BUT. I'm weak-willed, liitle self-control (too impatient?!) exhausted, suffer from depression and anxiety, and am not a good planner. Just for starters...


morelessAdministrator in reply to Chumpchops

I suggest your first step should be to log onto our Daily Diary, for assistance with menu planning. You'll get lots of ideas and tips there :)

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