1st day today

I started my plan today, I have made a realistic goal and not one that would please others, because this is about me

I am going to take one day at a time and I will log into this community to share how I am feeling everyday

If it has been a good day I will share and when it is a not so good day, I will share

I have had some lovely support so far, thank you to everyone for responding lets make 2017 the year, for all those that have started their Journey

I have 4 stones to lose, so here I go

I hope others will share their journey too

Happymusic x


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8 Replies

  • Hi happymusic :)

    I hope you achieve your goals, losing 4 stone is definitely doable and everyone on here will help, encourage and support you in any way they can. :)

    Good luck!!

    Sazkia ♥

  • Thank you

  • Your so inspiring Saskia. Did you lose 4 stone as well as those lovely words in your reply as it says four stones next to your name. Agree can lose four stones. Although I have only lost half a stone so far😜 But as I say keep believin...

  • Thank you Manjeet14 :) That's really kind of you to say.

    Yes, I have lost over 4 stone now, aim to lose two more. :) Things have slowed down with Christmas and while there is still crisps etc in the house I'm having a hard time resisting...it can take a while to get back into the swing of things and all that but I'm getting there and so will you. It takes time but it's worth it. :)

    Good luck and well done on losing the weight you've lost so far! :D ;)

    Sazkia ♥

  • No I am aiming for a 4 stone lost

  • You have no need to set goals to please others. The only person you need to please is yourself. You are doing exactly the right thing, setting targets which are achievable. Reward yourself when each goal is reached . Good luck.

  • I will reward myself, thank you

  • Agree this is about you but keep sharing the celebrations as well as the not good days. All here to cheer you on. Keep believin...

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