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Returning member looking to start again!

That time of year again, since i took early retirement i have put on more weight! but now looking to start again in earnest, charts made, measurements taken, fridge cleared, new batteries in scales and weighed in, need all the support i can get so keep me motivated please, my first challenge is one stone, and to assist i am not having a shave again until i have done it, as a beard drives me mad it will urge me to loose it pretty quickly! second goal is another stone before i fly out to Cyprus in April for 3 months. next post in a weeks time after first weigh in, thanks in advance for your support

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You have set really good goals. I doubt a beard could come my way although I do have one hair on my chin! I won't paint my toes until I lose a stone, they annoy me when they are chipped. Good luck!


Thanks for your support! its good to have friends on your side, off for swim this morning, every little helps, we should do before and after pics, my beard, your toes!

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good luck and hope that beard goes soon. I'm trying again and hope to lose 11/2 stone this year not putting any pressure on cos that makes me stress and eat more


Hello Bikebunny ☺welcome back to the forum ☺ Things are quite busy today but please bear with us ☺ you probsbly know your way around the site, especially the Newbies post and the links to the NHS 12 week plan, but its alwaysworth a refresh ☺Please ask if you have any questions.

As you know we are a friendly group ☺ I will keep a note and try to sort out a newbies badge for you shortly if you wish? ☺

Best wishes



What a great idea! Sadly I don't have the right hormones for beard growing .. might treat my self to a manicure when I've lost a stone though.


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