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Hello everyone

Happy new year everyone xx

I'm starting tomorrow and will introduce myself in another post. 2 questions if anyone could kindly answer.

1. Is there a weekly weigh in post / link/ group that I can add my start weight and hopefully my weekly weight loss, I think that doing this will spur on the determination to loose every week xx

2. I'm off shopping first thing in the morning, has anyone got any good ideas of low calorie food items I should be buying to get me through the first few days of the diet as I've never attempted a diet that I have to calorie count.

Many thanks for all your replies, I'm most greatfull

Claire xxx

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  • Hi, I am hopeless at calorie counting. I have been doing a paleo diet so I don't count. I just don't eat anything processed and it is working for me. I have got a lot of weight to lose - might have to count when I just have a bit left. chicken, turkey plus veg and spices is what I eat. I buy a lot of frozen onions and other veg as I am lazy cook. Good luck!

  • Thank you for replying, I'm the same, I have loads to loose as well so will be at this for a long time..... I'm 45 and still not cracked it lol. I'm going to try the calorie counting as it's the only thing I've not tried so hoping this might click and start working for me. Good luck with your weight loss journey xx

  • Do you count carbs.? This may help if you cut down on the carb. intake depending on a few factors. First, have you talked to your doctor about starting a new diet/exercise routine? Second, you can take a look at the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation website for their free leaflets on "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes" and "Exercise and Diabetes". All leaflets can be downloaded, read and/or listened to at anytime. Please feel free to ask any questions. Go to:

    I hope this helps!

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  • Hi and welcome to this friendly forum.

    Check your calorie allowance using the BMI calculator and drink plenty of water also up the exercise a little even if it's only walking more.

    We are in a transition of admin at the moment but the link for tomorrow's weigh in is on already just scroll down and you will see a post from Lowcal for 2nd Jan weigh in, out just post your starting weight and hopefully next week when admin is sorted you will be able to put in your new weight and so on.

    Badges can be obtained for different weight loss amounts as you progress.

    Take a look at the pinned posts section there are recipes etc if you need any and various challenges to join FizzyLiz has started a dry January if you want to lower your alcohol intake just scroll down the posts till you see it.

    Everyone here is supportive and encouraging so just shout out if you need help.

    Good luck Bev😊👍

  • I did not make many changes to shopping lists. I did it by simply counting calories, everything that passed my lips. Obviously I cut back on carbs, sugar etc but I cut nothing out. The weight came off steadily after a bumpy start but sticking with it got me there. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

  • Hello Cp71 I lost 3 stone last year and started by cutting out as much processed foods as possible and concentrated on cooking from scratch for most meals. Check your calorie allowance and keep a food diary with calorie amount totals as you go along, that helps at the beginning to learn more about them. Everyone finds their own way though, but for me keeping track of calories has been the most successful. Best wishes Sailsalot

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