Fabulous at 50??!??

Fabulous at 50??!??

Hi, I'm another newbie. Seems like 2017 has inspired rather a lot of folk to lose weight. I have tried several slimming clubs, diet pills, etc. I'm one of those dieters that calorie counts for two hours and wonders why I still have thunder thighs. But I have a family wedding in May with family I haven't seen in three years and I don't want them having something extra to gossip about when I step off the plane. I am also going to be 50 in 2018 and I have to stop blaming my weight on my pregnancies since one was 19 years ago and the other 13. So, I am hoping to find like minded, bonkers, calorie aware people who I can support with candor and who may support me back when I am reaching for something I shouldn't be.


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  • Hi, welcome! Good luck with your weight loss. How many calories will you be having? What sort of exercise will you do?

  • Thank you. I'm not sure about the exercise yet. I have back, knee and foot issues with degenerative discs, etc so I am a little restricted. I have an exercise bike that I will start on again and once I have increased my fitness, lost a bit of weight and have a little more confidence, I might try short walk and increase from there. I am going to try following a 1400 calorie diet, but I have eaten so badly for a while now that I am sure even a 1600 allowance would see some results.

  • I do the GM diet when I'm desperate. I always lose some weight but you cant do it for more than a week really

  • What the GM diet?

  • its the General motors diet plan. It's quite an old one, very prescriptive and dull but works. I don't make the soup and just do the rest of it. I can't manage the number of bananas it says though. Day one is any fruit but not bananas, day two is any veg except potatoes, day 3 fruit and veg but not bananaa and potatoes. etc etc etc.

  • Hello and welcome to the group. Are you counting carbs at each meal and/or snack during the day? Have you talked with your doctor about starting a weight loss program/diet?

    Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation website for their free leaflets on "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes" and "Exercise and Diabetes". All leaflets are downloadable, readable and/or can be listened to at anytime. Please go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

    I hope this helps!

  • Hello and thank you. My GP referred me to the local weight loss group. He told me I have diabetes because I am fat and if I lose weight it will get better, possibly be reversed. So I tried attending group, but I just lose confidence with attendance after a few sessions and can't seem to get there. I do lose weight on their plans, but I don't believe it is a sustainable way of eating. I want to retrain my brain to think healthy and make good choices naturally, not having to force myself to pick the fruit over the cake.

    Thanks for the info on diabetes, I will certainly look them up.

  • You're welcome! Let me know if you want anything else!

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