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Another bad penny turning up again 😉

Good evening everyone 😊. I have had rather a rather large wobble from my chosen path of weight loss during December. My only saving grace is that in comparison to every other year, I have kept nearer to the path, and have not just thought 'sod it' as I have done previously.

I am forever curious as to how much easier it is to put weight on than lose it!!!

My weight loss goal is to lose 4 stones by this time next year ( channelling my inner Davina McCall there fora moment 😉)! That's 1 stone every 3 mths, 5 pounds-ish per month, that's just a little more that 1 pound a week. How can I not do that!!!! 😊

I am going to start running again with Couch to 5k, and will go to my first 5k park run on 18th February 🏃🏻‍♀️, I am not drinking during January. I feel positive and raring to go.

Happy New Year to one and all ☺️

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Happy new year good luck with your weight loss goal onwards and downwards😁👍


Despite your disappointment, you’re not a bad penny at all, Jingle_berry.

Running and calorie reduction very are similar to one another, in that there’s no limit to the amount times that either can be returned to. Coupled together, however, the two can prove to be a huge success, both in improving level of fitness and allowing weight to be lost.

Since you’re returning, I don’t think there’s the need to suggest the NHS 12 Week program and BMI calculator, since you’re probably aware of both.

Nonetheless, through the maintenance of a daily calorie deficit (from recommended maximum), a reduction in refined carbohydrate (in favour of complex sources) and increased activity, you may find that current predictions are indeed exceeded.

As such, the positivity and renewed enthusiasm currently possessed will hopefully continue to endure throughout 2017 and beyond.

A very Happy New Year and all the very best going forward.


Good luck, Jingle berry. You can do it. You know you can👍

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Thank you wa2un7. Have rebooted ' My Fitness Pal' , completed a 3k reintroduction run this morning and am now planning this weeks meals before visiting the supermarket later. I have a plan of attack and there's only me fighting- so off I go 😊


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