2017 challenge - ditch sugar, get healthy!

Happy new year everyone, I'm new to this site and hoping to find support, hear other people's stories re the battle of the bulge etc. I am hoping to find the will power to reduce my sugar intake, it's really addictive isn't it? By making changes and sticking to them I hope to lose a couple of stone during the first six months of this year and keep it off. Any hints or tips appreciated. Also there for anyone struggling to maintain motivation. I want to improve my overall health and avoid chronic illness in the future.


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2 Replies

  • Hi Rina. Welcome to the site. Have a look at the link below- it should give you links to the NHS 12 week plan and other useful bits


    Administration on the site is all a bit up in the air at the mo but lots of us here on the same journey.

    There is a weekly weigh in starting tomorrow if you are interested and lots of friendly people in the same position.

    Good luck and welcome.

  • Hi RinaRegan, welcome to us all, a great site for encouragement, a few years ago I decided to change my life with the amount of sugar I had and one good way I found to do it is in things like hot drinks I decided to stop using 2 sugars and slowly alter it to sweeteners. I done this by starting off with 1 sugar and 1 sweetener, at first it was really weird and at the very beginning done it in every other cup till I got used to it. I then bought Canderell sweetener sugar type and started using it on anything else that needed sugar like cereal. Now I don't use it on any cereal but still use one sweetener in tea. My weight gradually dropped from 14 stone to 11stone around this sort of time and I believe this is possibly the reason that it happened. I could never remember why it dropped without me doing anything but this is probably why. It would be a good thing to try to get you off sugars. I have put a bit more weight on through drinking nourishment drinks so am trying to get rid of this.

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