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Stepping things up after a blow out December

Well, December was a complete disaster from all the non stop socialising and not being able to get to the gym regularly ,last weighin I had put on 5lbs which is disappointing as that was all i had to loose for my 2 stone off .I have vowed to get back on track tomoro with eating and gym on Tuesday I did go on Friday past and it was not good .On the good side I got my fit bit from hubby and have been using it for the past 4 days managing quite well with exercise but not used the food planner yet ,my calorie allowance seems awful high not sure if that can be accurate ? I will go back to using the calorie checker on here I think as I know that works. I was surprised to find my cardio fitness was in the good range for my age but there is still room for improvement . I need to get another stone off ideally for beginning of March as that will be me a year on my health journey . Wish me luck and lots of will power .Good luck to everyone else who is restarting or new find inspiration where you can .!!

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Hello please check your calorie allowance, a quick browse around bmr calculators (basic metabolic rate) will give you the answers, it allows for your current weight, excercise and the cals you need to stay the same, lose or gain.

There are a few apps folk use here, pick one that is best for you, you can google most unknowns too, tho having a calculator for shopping is useful, another thing maybe do a virtual shop online ( I use mysupermarket , and do it for Aldi/lidl) and calorie check stuff before you go out?

I find dividing my day up into five parts helps, two snacks , three meals daily, today it's been three snacks, small pot of cherry tomatoes, so I'll add that to my dinner veg!

You have bags of time before march, roughly a pound a week, keep motivated, plenty of help out there, as it seems all money savings, diet clubs/weight loss being new year, plenty of free stuff online too.

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Despite the increase over the past month, to echo the suggestion of Diana, if it's been a while since you've re-assessed your numbers (BMR & TDEE), it certainly wouldn't hurt to re-calculate them, since you may be consuming more calories than the body requires.

Equally, even if numbers are correct, once eating habits return to normal, calorie deficits are re-introduced and exercise begins to be undertaken again, the excess accumulated will quickly become a thing of the past.

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