I'm new here, no doubt like many today

Resolved to make 2017 a better year for looking after myself - eating healthily, allowing more time for excercise and reducing stress. Easier said than done, but here goes...My BMI is 33.7 and diets don't work for me. I live alone, work full-time and have a weekly veg box delivery. My meals are often improvised from the fridge. I find it hard to cook just one portion and to stick to one portion, even if I freeze what I don't eat. Any top tips to get me started? Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi and welcome - see some ideas I have suggested on this thread


    All the best on your journey

  • Many thanks!

  • Hi and welcome! The pinned posts on the right hand side have a brilliant amount of useful information for people new to the forum, and indeed for those of us who have been members for a while. I've been here for just over a year now (although I do sometimes spend weeks at a time going awol). Started well, then gained some back, but hopefully am ready to get back on the wagon now, before I pile all the weight back on! The main thing I've found is to try not see gains as total defeat. Just to keep getting back up every time you have a blip and trying, trying, trying over and over again. Because if nothing else, it helps you stop before you go back to square one completely. Even a maintain is better than a gain, anything you can do, whenever you can do it, to help keep the weight from going up is better than giving up completely - something I was guilty of a few years back and piled all the weight I'd lost back on, plus some extra - eek! Good luck on your journey, I'm sure you can do it, we are all in this together. Happy 2017. :-)

  • I'm not good with diets either. The 5:2 eating plan has worked for me. I only had to think about what I was eating 2 days a week. It is also easy to continue once the weight is lost.

  • Thanks - yes I'm thinking about the 5:2 too. Bit nervous about feeling hungry on the diet days though! Will give it a go and see.

  • I need to eat with the drugs I take and unfortunately I have to take them every day at the moment. Who knows tho, maybe I'll be lucky enough to change that some time in the future and the 5:2 could be a goer!

  • Thanks - that's useful to know. And good advice re keeping going. I find sticking with it when things have gone to pot really hard - but agree it must be the only way.

  • I've been a total disaster this month, I know I'm massively heavier. I'm finding, sometimes it will be the odd day where I crash and burn, other times it might be a week. It always helps to come here to refocus, somehow just reading and knowing that folk are so non-judgemental makes it easier to start again. So many people have had the same trouble, they have blips, find it hard to stick to. It just helps alleviate the guilt I used to associate with over-eating, guilt would cause me to get into a vicious circle. I felt guilty, a failure, for over-eating, but because I'm an emotional eater, I would then comfort eat and make the weight problem even worse! I find that when I come here and read that everyone is human and we all have the same struggles, it really helps me to move forwards...at least for a period of time. I've fallen, got up, fallen, got up, over and over again this year, but the latest fall I've had throughout December has been the worst and longest. Now it's a new year and another chance to start again. Don't have to wait for a new year to start again though, every day is a chance to start again eh. We can do this, it may take some time and a few stumbles, but we can do it! x

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