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I have to confess

got together with friends and had some sugary treats and one slice of pizza but I still was in bed by 10pm first time in 5years I have done that I had usually spend it by myself. I am soon having breakfast and then bundling up going for a walk instead of waiting for Monday. No excuses now it is a brand new year and I hope we all have a good year and good health and with that lose the weight. And I hope I can do that myself!!!!!!

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Well done for getting up and ready for a walk. Was out earlier to collect papers but now am not budging as it is pouring with rain and i must be a cube of sugar as i really do not like being out in it :-) Happy New Year!!! :-) :-)


Sounds like a super disciplined New Year start! Wishing you a good 2017 and good health for the year ahead :)


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