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My year AGAIN!!!!!

Every year I say this is my year for losing the weight and before you know it that year has gone but the weight is still there so on the 3 January I am going to start eating healthy and stop snacking on rubbish. I have alot to lose but I am going to aim for a sack of spuds as I realised how heavy they were when carrying one to my car over Christmas and going to stop buying dieting books and actually follow the ones that I have got already Happy new year and good luck to you all. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!

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Hello Mandyflatt and welcome to the forum. Those smaller mini goals are very important thinking about total weight loss is a bit depressing 😀 So you have made an excellent start. At this point I would normally direct you to the newbies pinned post but there is a bit of reorganisation going on at the minute. I would read it as it has great information about how to use the site and links to the NHS 12 week plan which many of us have found leads to success. It is the section on the Monday weigh in that will be changing. I wish you luck and determination in your weight loss journey 😀


Yes we can. This will be year we do it. I can't lose another year being fat. Sack of spuds is heavy, that's a great target!


Hi Mandyflatt, welcome, I think we have all been here! I am one of those that will read a diet book with a choccy Biscuit and a coffee☕️🍩 And say I will start tomorrow- But no more! I started on the 28th Dec and feel welcomed by so many on here. Good luck for the journey that will change your life👍🏻


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