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HELP! - I'm new!!!!


Hello everyone - VERY new to this kind of thing!! I had my daughter 2 years ago and had the implant fitted. Since then, I have gained weight, no motivation to exercise etc. I suffered a prolapse through childbirth and used to run to keep my weight down but can't run anymore because of it. I struggle because I used to be bulimic and worry hugely about my weight. Having implant taken out soon and being sterilised but want to lose about a stone to feel happy again. This is day 1 (well, sort of !!) NYE tonight so realistically after tonight I'm going to start! I'm trying raspberry Ketones and colon cleanse too, has anyone else tried this?

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OttomummyHealthy BMI

Hi Lucy - what I liked about registering for this weight loss idea was the fact that it was a 12 week plan - no major, rapid weight losing, no spend UK£'s to lose lbs, just a simple effort of eating less and exercising more. I started out just by walking. It's a lot of effort to get in 10,000 steps a day, but if you can achieve this and you can just exercise portion control, you will lose weight. I'm taking HRT and have been told about weight gain, but I've found this not to be the case. Just eat sensibly and you should see the effect.

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Thank you so much. I've just downloaded the couch to 5k app too so hoping that will help!!

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020

Good luck Lucy - you have made the first step and I'm sure you can make 2017 your year! I haven't tried anything drastic so can't help there - I have found that the 12 week plan (which is basically just calorie counting) has been really good for me - nothing is off limits and you choose everyday to make healthy choices because it just makes sense. Whatever approach you take, being active on this forum is so so helpful, people's support and advice is invaluable

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