Well I thought joining this group was a way for many people to a new healthy lifestyle and support for weight loss.

I joined as it was NHS and thought it was a ongoing support group.

How come you let even more people join with their hopes raised of help in loosing weight for them to find out that it's all coming to an uncertain end.

I understand that the hard work, time and effort put in by you all has to change at some point and new people are voted in/ moved up a post by earning their place by constant weight loss and become maintainers. So that it all run smoothly into place.

But no. Let's just all decided to jack now we have reached the point where we don't need support anymore!

I know some of you will read this and think shock, horror! What a nasty person!

But it's what 90% of you are thinking but haven't the b**** to say it.

It's ok you don't have to remove me from the forum for my true words spoken.

I'm leaving. Thanks for raised hopes then dropped like hot rocks! Cheers!


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24 Replies

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  • Hi Sheepdogs,

    I've been away for a couple of weeks so maybe I've missed something or I'm coming in on the tail end of an ongoing situation?

    You sound very disappointed and angry, maybe you've not lost as much weight as you'd hoped or maybe because of the time of year, like many of us, you've over indulged. I can only speak from my own personal experience of this group, but I have to say the help, advice and encouragement I've received here has always been positive, but ultimately it's our own personal responsibility to ensure we follow a healthy eating programme, no one else can do that for us. Yes, people can empathise and advise but the bottom line is only you can change your life and habits.

    I'm sorry you're not going to be a part of the group I enjoyed your posts and responses to mine, maybe you will reconsider. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope you find what you're lookingfor in 2017.

  • Hi Jenever,

    Understand everything you are saying.

    I have lost weight over the Christmas period to my surprise! So it's nothing to do with not loosing weight I'm very happy that I've lost over the last week or so and would have been happy to report how much but I don't see the point when maybe there are going to be no more weigh in's or pointless ones.

    So back to going it alone.

    Was nice becoming part of a group that was aiming for the same thing.

    Good luck and happy 2017

  • Hiya, It still is a group that is aiming for the same things, none of the weigh ins or challenges were set up as part of the forum by the NHS, they were started by ordinary members of the forum who later applied for voluntary admin roles, so anyone could do the same if they wanted/had time. It must be a very time consuming task which could be hard to keep up if you have work/ other commitments. I think you found the forum at a time where there was a lot of things to join in so it must seem like a big change, I've dipped in here for a couple of years now, don't have time to read all posts and replies regularly or commit to the challenges and people come and go but benefit from the friendly support they receive from lots of other members not just the admins. It's not anyone's job or responsibility to run this site, it is what members make of it whether that's organised activities or general support posted from individual members which is what it was when I first joined. It's worth sticking around to see how it pans out as most people here are a friendly supportive and non- judgemental bunch compared to some other sites! Hope you have a good new year πŸ˜€

  • I don't know if you realise, but the forum (and weekly weigh-ins) are not managed by anyone from the NHS - the NHS only provides the platform. A bit like Facebook - Facebook provides the platform, but they don't add you as friends, post photos on your timeline etc. The services and challenges offered on this site, such as the weekly weigh-ins are run by a group of people who give up their own time to do so.

    If you wish to find an NHS service that offers weekly weigh-ins, your Dr can point you towards a local service (not sure if you have to pay though)

  • Hi,

    I obviously misunderstood the "NHS" bit.

    And thought this site was run/part run by them.

    My mistake.

    Thanks for letting me know and your time to reply.

  • Yeah, it does get confusing. They maybe should be clearer - I guess they're going for those on the NHS diet and didn't realise how people might read it. I hope you'll stick around though - the forum works because we have good people, but you are right that it sucks when those good people disappear.

  • Oh don't leave its lovely to support each other and your posts are so nice πŸ˜‰

  • Don't leave, channel your frustration into something positive.

    There's no reason why this forum can't continue. My own weight loss has been up and down and I'm certainly not in a position to preach about the best way to get rid of the extra pounds, but if we all chip in there's no reason we can't provide support to one another. Yes we'll need some admin people, but I'm sure there will be volunteers.

    I regularly read all posts and replies, and can see you're active on the forum, which is exactly what we need.

    I believe in open and honest conversations, so find it difficult when faced with the very pc approach being taken to the current changes. I admit I've made myself a bit emotionally vulnerable and reliant on the support I was receiving. My resolution for 2017 is to look within for my motivation, but also to become more active on the forum.

    Perhaps before there was a tendency to wait for one of the 'regulars' to respond to a post with some wise words, but there's no reason why everything should fall apart because a few people are leaving. I've also thought about leaving, but I'm serious about wanting to lose weight and want to be able to share with like minded people. I think we've become over reliant on the few and it's time the many pulled together.

    Stick around for a month and see how it goes. If you do decide it's not for you, then good luck with your goals.

  • hi sheepdog... I know what u mean... me and you started at the same time and have contributed to posts etc.. but yes since the admin announcement it just feels different on this forum now with just loads of new people posting but not getting all the usual support comments that we got when we joined.

    I know there is going to be a lot of people wanting support on this forum in the new year and if I was joining now instead of when we did I would be thinking to myself 'why bother' ! .... something needs to change or else people like you will leave and that will be a shame as you are such a supportive person to have around.

    Hopefully soon someone will tell u what is going on and what is happening with the weekly weighin's and the future of this group.

    Claz ... (aka Bigmama99 )

  • Hi Claz,

    We did join at the same time and it feels like your loosing a friend when you think of leaving. I felt I was getting to know you and love reading the posts.

    Just angry I guess as I thought NHS was a solid foundation.

    But maybe things will get better if we stick together and just keep posting and not be reliant on everything else.

    Happy 2017 Claz and good luck with your goals. You are doing amazing : )

  • I felt the same about you too sheepdog.. like I'd got a new friend here who was on the same wavelength as me and had similar views x

    Let's stick it out together.. i will always be here to support you and give u a 'cheer' or a 'hug' along the way if u need it x

  • The people who were providing admin support for the forum were actually volunteers, they weren't being paid by the NHS. I don't think anyone on this forum is paid by the NHS to be here. Certainly some admin appeared to be on the site 24/7, and their support will be missed, but it was a lot of time for them to give.

  • Hi PashaW,

    Thank you for your reply,

    Maybe you are right about we seem to rely on a certain few and maybe enjoy reading the wise words and advice.

    Possibly pulling together would be the way forward and not just chuck everything aside and go it alone.

    Just angry everything had been kept undercover and then decided to post all was leaving. No words of in the next few months several of us are thinking of standing down so if anyone would like to put themselves forward for the post so we can make a smooth transition and nothing will change.

    But no... Disappointing pm must have been going on and wam! end of, sort yourselves out : (

    I'l try not to be so disgruntled and see what happens.

    Happy 2017 and good luck with everything you do.

  • So glad you are going to hang on in there, Sheepdogs. I rely on the few regulars who contribute, and all their contributions are there for newbies to read too. As someone (PashaW?) said, it's also the responsibility of the newbies to read pinned posts about starting etc. It doesn't actually require an administrator to tell people how to use the forum (although it's helpful if someone does step forward in this capacity). Let's all hang on here and continue to support each other. πŸ‘

  • I agree tubbyteacher I've just finished week 12 and lost 1st 4lb couldn't have done it with out all the positive.comments helpful tips etc from the forum hope you decide to stay sheepdogs for 2017 πŸ˜€Happy New year everyone x

  • Try not to allow a small period of uncertainty, regarding the structure of the forum, to discourage you from continuing to remain active, Sheepdogs.

    Granted, the decision made by the Moderators and Fab 5'ers has come as a shock to many, but I'm sure there are those on the forum already considering filling the void created, to ensure that the weekly weigh-ins continue.

    Even in the absence of a Weekly weigh-in, there'll still be a plethora of individuals ready and willing to provide support and encouragement, to help you remain focused on attaining what you'd like to achieve throughout the next year.

    Besides, through your own experience thus far, you can also inspire and encourage others, helping them to understand that their challenge isn't as hopeless or as fruitless as it may appear.

  • Thanks for that, as a maintainer, I've no real reason to stay around almost 5 years on, I do for the encouragement of others and enjoy chatting to others

  • Hi Sheepdog the sites mission statement implies it gives Information support and motivation.

    That can and does come to us from a lot of different people. We have some very good maintainers on this site who offer sensible advice -for free.

    I do understand your frustration - it feels that people's intelligence is being slightly underestimated ie 5 backing down all at the same time. Just be honest.

    It's an open forum where at times people have opened up and shared very sensitive thought's and feelings honesty being the best policy.

    I can truly understand and appreciate the comitment the volunteer Admin's have put into the site but don't forget other members have also gone that extra mile also. We all need to pull together. Come on Sheepdog we can still do this together.

    I believe this site has been a product of its own success and grown immensely and the comitment has become enormous for the Admin's and dare I say unachievable to keep up with the constant welcomes badges and replies.

    You only have to look how many newbies that have joined in the last 2 weeks. Every other message is from a newbie. (All welcome) :) l believe and it's only my belief that Lowcal and More less are perfectionists and have been totally comitted in doing a fantastic job. When your workload exceeds time available then it becomes a comitment rather than a joy.

    However replying to most if not all messages everyday must get tedious from time to time. Work V Life balance.They do have a life away from this site.

    Nevertheless Sheepdog honesty would be the best policy!!!! I understand what your saying.

    Maybe one day the NHS will recognise the importance of this site and the good work it does inspiring people to be accountable for their actions in relation to healthy eating and fund an Administrator or two especially when obesity is such a draw on the NHS.

    The NHS are missing a golden opportunity here. Being proactive opposed to reactive.

    Anyway Sheepdog rant over and you must stay - we need you!πŸ˜‰

  • We need you too!

    I think we've probably become over-reliant on the few, rather than using the resources of the many.

    Time for a change.

  • Totally agree with what you've said... and i appreciate it was all volunteers doing the admin role and they did a fab job & the nhs should look to fund the support !

    There is some truly inspirational people on this forum who have helped me already stick to my plan and i would hate to lose that support & advice .. it is what keeps me going !

  • Thank you Trulyplumptious,

    Good read, and yes NHS should leap on to this opportunity to continue such good work.

    I've enjoyed it and it has helped knowing we are all aiming for the same thing and trying to help each other stay positive.

    Just a shame a few things were a little undercover.

    But hey ho.

    Let's see how things go.

    Happy 2017.

  • We will be fine Sheepdog so happy your going to keep with us.


  • Hi sheepdogs, I know things are up in the air at the moment, and info is being trickled down, but i think this is in part down to the busy time of year. Sit it out for a while and see what happens, there are still a lot of lovely supportive people on here :)

    Kate x

  • I know exactly how you feel. It's as if someone had pulled the rug away from you just when you had found somewhere you were comfortable.however Im going to stick around in the hope that things will settle down. I do appreciate that it is run by volunteers and that takes time and commitment..

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