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New year new me ........hopefully

After joining a few months ago I struggled to get motivated and going to the gym was a nightmare 😈 .but after eatting my way through Christmas and now looking like I'm having a food baby I feel more than motivated and actually looking forward to a healthy me . Today is my last naughty day out with family for meal a defiantly a pud the new year new me and hopfully this time next year I can put that I'm now a few stone lighter .5 stone is probably too ambitious .

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Happy New Year to you deffadog. I think many people look to start their new way of eating come the new year. We all know what has caused our weight gain it is getting and staying motivated to stick to a new way of eating and a change in lifestyle that will give you results. Going to the gym is not the most important thing to do, so if it is difficult then try walking several times a week. Weight loss starts in the kitchen so after your NYE binge, have a clear out of all of the foods you know are not good for you and re-stock the cupboards with healthy choices, weigh yourself tomorrow and take measurements too and a photograph for your own viewing, all of this will help to keep you motivated on your weight loss journey next year.

Five stones loss in a year is possible, 50 weeks at 1.5 lbs a week = 70lbs = 5 stones, there will be ups and downs and sometimes you will feel that it is not working but stick with it and you will start to feel the benefits very soon, set small targets.

Good luck, I will be joining you in re-starting a healthy life style tomorrow ! John


Good Luck

its never easy for anyone over the festive period to eat totally healthy even those who dont have weight issues, tend to stray

But thinking positively about the new year is good and shows you have a good mind set

If you really dont enjoy the gym why join ? just because it may sound the right thing to do. My son loves it and now has even started a course at college to become a fitness instructer but it's not for everyone even he says that.

Its better to become involved with an activity that you could enjoy and fit in to your ability and lifestyle - walking running badminton swimming anything that takes you away from the sofa and food snacking



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