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Day 39

I have braved the nurse lol and yes I have gained weight but when I saw last month she said if I gained I wouldn't be seen again she has given me a reprieve and wants to see me again in a month so all is not lost so this weekend I'm going to work myself out a plan so it will start from Sunday 1st although exercise is difficult for me I will do what I can just to get this weight moving no point in burying my head and moaning. lol -:) x x

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Keep going 😀 Do some food plans for the whole week including snacks and try to stick to it. Don't worry about the scales concentrate on getting back on the wagon 😀


That's a big relief for you 😊 Glad the nurse is understanding 😊 You will do it, you know you can! 😊😊😊

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Thank you Anna I have to. Happy New year to you x x -:)


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