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Hi everyone

My name is Sharon and I am brand new to this site. I need to loose 2 stones and have found it really difficult to motivate myself. My weight has ballooned, my self-esteem has plummeted and my fitness level has gone out of the window. As a result of my weight gain, I am now experiencing problems with my feet and joints and this has had a knock on effect on what I am able to do in terms of fitness. I have just downloaded the couch to 5k App on my phone and will try my best to give it a go. I am hoping you will share your motivational tips with me to keep me going and I will do the same.

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Hi Sharon and welcome

Look at the newbie pinned thread as loads of help / info in there.

Not sure on your fitness level but if you find the couch to 5k too much to start with, why not just start with a walk every day and slowly increase the amount of time and speed etc. Any exercise is helpful and this maybe better for you to start with - don't push yourself too hard if you are unfit, gently does it and consistence are better in my opinion. (please note I am not a Dr or fitness instructor etc, this is just my personal opinion)

As you increase your fitness through just walking (and weight coming off) you can then go on to the C25K

Good luck and we are here for you - loads of help and support here.


Thank you so much for your words of wisdom - I must admit that due to recent health issues I was afraid to start the couch to 5k. However, I have already downloaded the app just for motivational purposes but plan to adapt it to my own limitations- will take your advice and instead of running for a minute and a half(which I don't think I am capable of), I am going to just pick up my walking pace instead. I do agree with everything you said and I am grateful you have shared your thoughts because I guess I needed someone to stop me going at it like a bull in a china shop!! Will keep you posted.


Hi I started the 5K challenge on Wednesday and did my 2nd run today! Cannot believe I am doing this but I needed to change my habits and for some reason Wednesday seemed like the right day. Like you I have ballooned in weight and my fitness level - well let's just say I let it run away from me. But if I can do it so can you, keep posting and I am here for motivation if you need it.


Thank you for your message. I haven't started mine yet but due to knee problems will adapt to my limitations and will walk briskly instead of running. I plan on starting mine later this afternoon - will let you know how I get on.


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