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Hi, I'm a 42 year old bloke who has ballooned in past 2 or 3yrs from 11.5 to 14.5 stones. Unhealthy eating and drinking and very little exercise at the core of the issue - and a lack of will power! Also been on anti-depressants for a 18mnths or so which also can contribute to weight gain according to GPs. I'm determined 2017 I will move from being obese to a health BMI. That requires shedding at least 3.5 stones - 4 ideally. Am looking for a weight loss buddy/exercise motivator for support and to support. Men or women, I don't mind. Ideally someone with a similar story to tell (but you don't have to be on anti depressants!). Good sense of humour would also be useful so we can laugh our way as much as possible through what will be a challenging, but hopefully successful experience. I'm aiming to start the 14 week NHS weight loss plan from Monday Jan 2, 2017. Thanks for reading!

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Hi, I'm happy to be your buddy - I was about to ask for one myself. I'm 45, female, fed up of being so overweight and having such a bad relationship with food. I've been on anti-depressants recently and am interested to see Tom Kerridge's new book about high dopamine foods which should help relieve the depression that can come with being on a diet. I'm a shocking comfort/ stress/ boredom... eater. In fact, any excuse really. I've had therapy which worked for a while, but I'm back to my old habits. I'm also starting the NHS plan on Monday so it will be great to compare notes. I'm currently researching healthy breakfasts to get prepared.


Hi Mal14

Welcome to the NHS weightloss forum.

Start by weighing yourself and doing all your measurements.

Then check out your BMI on the NHS calculator, this will give you your daily calorie allowance. You might want to download a fitness app to log them. Many people use My Fitness Pal, I personally use Lose it!. They're both free on the App Store.

Check out the welcome newbies thread in the pinned posts area - lots of useful info there.

Looking forward to seeing you around.

Good luck


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Hi 42 year old bloke :-) Well done for making it this far! Well done for turning things around before the weight creeps up even further.

You'll be surprised at just how much better you'll feel just changing what you eat. Do you enjoy cooking at all? I love cooking and it was (is) this love of cooking that makes this weight loss malarkey bearable!

Exercise isn't essential to make the weight loss happen, but it does help to lift mood and can in time get you out and interacting with others. You don't need to join a gym - in fact I'd suggest something that costs little or nothing - such as walking, swimming - or just buy yourself an exercise DVD such as Leslie Sansone (if you can stand it) -

it can be done from the comfort of your sitting room and in all weathers. If you live in a flat you may need to be mindful of the downstairs neighbours!

Anyhow, well done for committing. It's probably more difficult for blokes, as us women are always trying to lose weight!

Look forward to regular up-dates telling us how you are doing!

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Are you ready for tomorrow? My first day has been a success - partly due to having a hangover. Not only has this killed my appetite, it also removes any temptation to drink alcohol today.

Good luck!


I'm starting tomorrow, after the bhol when I return to work. Well done on completing day 1!


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