Need motivation to lose 6 stone

Hi I'm Liz and I'm 28 years old, I really want to get down to a healthy weight of 10 stone as I currently weigh 16 stone. I have tried dieting over the years mainly on the SlimmingWorld plan and have lost weight but never more than 2 stone then putting it back on again so I was thinking if someone would like to support me so we could support each other to reach our goal thanks


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  • Hi Liz, I'm new on here.. wanting to lose weight too and like you have been on Slimming World plus various other diets,losing weight and putting it all back on again! I'd like to support you if I can, always easier when you have company on your journey 😊x

  • Thanks for your reply it is definitely helpful to have people support you I will probably start properly next weekend after all the junk is out the house

  • Hi.....I'm a newbie started 5 days ago, I also would like support from anyone who has 6+ st. to get down to target.

  • Hi Liz, Im also brand new and like you need to loose a lot although my weight loss is 7 stone. Like you I yoyo with my weight but my best friend is getting married and Im going to be a bridesmaid. I do not want to be a fat bridesmaid. It would be great to have some others who are on the same journey so we can help and motivate each other. I am as we speak downloading all the Apps available on itunes in the hope that maybe between the running couch, calorie counter and food plan right there on my phone I may finally loose the weight I want to say goodbye too.

  • Thanks for your reply I will also be a bridesmaid for my sister in 2018 although she hasn't booked the date yet and her other bridesmaids are all size between 8-12 so I don't want to be the fat one

  • Yep, Im with you on that one. The other bridesmaids are like yours, sized between 8 - 12. And some even have the cheek to say they want to drop a size by then. Pffft I think they should eat more cake personally lol. Just kidding but I would like to feel confident with myself when pictured with them all. Im sure together we can do this and look fabulous.

  • I know that bugs be too when people that look like they have nothing on them say they need to drop a size anyway I will probably weigh on Monday officially then post on here

  • Hi I'm Sally same I need to loose 6 stone fed up of diets that don't work long term I'm starting on Monday too good luck x

  • I'm gonna weigh in officially on Monday and post on here if you wanted to do the same although I probably won't lose that week intil all the junk is gone

  • Good Luck to you too. Im sure we can all do this and support each other. Even on those days that we think, 'sod this I want chocolate and I want it now' lol.

  • How do we weigh in? Just get weighed and post the loss?

  • Yeah we can post our weight if you feel ok with that or just the weight loss or gain

  • Hi Liz. Simone here. 54 and have s physical disability that severely restricts my ability to exercise. I use a wheelchair outside of the house. I started calorie counting and weighing out my food portions in 2012 and successfully lost 4.5 stone. Started off at fourteen stone and size 24! Now a size 16 and would ideally like to be back at my goal weight of between 9 and 9.5 stone.

    I realised shortly after starting to log EVERYTHING that passed my lips, that I was eating way too much for my height (4ft 9") and the fact that I am a more mature person and have a sedentary lifestyle. I too tried Slimming World and Weight Watchers, minimal loss and always put the weight back on and more.

    At this age, I am very mindful of the additional risks of being overweight such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. That was the main reason for me wanting to give this one last try before resorting to weight loss surgery. I know from two friends who've had it that it's far from being the easy way to lose weight and that you have to change what you eat forever, as we'll a stone being a risky procedure.

    Anyhow, five year later, I have regained a couple of stone, then lost one... realise that this is a way of life, rather than a "quick fix". The best bit comes when you realise that you can actually resist the temptation of food!

    I know I'll never go back to 14 stone. My eating habits have changed - in terms of portion sizes. I weigh out pasta and rice (50g dry weight) - I would have once eaten twice that amount! II feel so much better and healthier for losing the weight. It's nice to be able to shop in "regular" clothes shops.

    I had to change a lot of what had become "normal" behaviour. I used to plan every trip out of the house to involve food (i.e., trip to the garden centre = cake and coffee, etc). I now rarely eat out - perhaps once a month rather than 3 or 4 times a week!

    Good luck. You can do it. You are young and have the rest of your life ahead of you. Just wish I'd lost all my weight when I was a lot younger!

  • Thank you it so lovely to hear someone else story to know it is possible

  • Hi Liz, I'm also new to this forum and want to lose lots of weight. I am 48 and have done various diets over the years where I have lost up to 2 and a half stone but then I've always put back on more weight than I lost afterwards! I have put on an excessive amount since I had a (fab) hysterectomy which triggered menopause 3 years ago. I'd ultimately like to lose about 5 stone but I want to initially lose at least 2 stone by the beginning of July 2017 when my son graduates from uni as I'd like to wear a nice outfit for the day as well as look a bit better for the photos. In 2018 my husband and I will be celebrating our 50th birthdays (only a month apart) and we'd like to celebrate by going on a special cruise. It would be lovely to have lost the rest of my desired weight by then (October 2018). I've been getting increasingly unhappy with myself and the extra aches pains, palpitations that come with obesity but I am also worried about acquiring diabetes type 2 as both my parents as well as both of my brothers have been diagnosed with it over the last 12 or 13 years and I want to avoid it if I can. My husband would like to lose weight too but he only wants/needs to lose half as much as me. I am 5'6'' and weigh about 17 stone, 7 pounds approximately. I can't bury my head in the sand any longer - it's time for action!

    I think it would help me too if I could join your group as we want to lose similar amounts and we can spur each other on when the going gets tough. My biggest weakness is when nobody else is around (usually mid evening onward after my husband has gone to bed) and I eat extras even though I'm not hungry. I know I've got into some bad habits and maybe being honest about them on here will help me to stop and think before I put food in my mouth, at least that's what I'm hoping. I'll weigh myself before I start and post it on here - it'll be Sunday or Monday this week. Good luck ladies!

  • Glad to have you in the group too the more people we have the more support we can give each other I'm also the same with just eating for the sake of it in the evenings so hopefully from Monday if I feel myself wanting to eat rubbish food i will come on here instead, tonight will hopefully be my last big feast and excessive alcohol intake roll on 2017 happy new year to you all and I know we can all start to achieve our goals

  • Thanks Liz for the warm welcome. I think I'm starting on Monday so I'll post then with my scary starting weight - I need to be honest with myself so I might as well post it! Happy New Year too and here's wishing us all the best in reaching all of our goals for 2017 - CHEERS!!

  • I have done my weigh in today and I'm 16 stone exactly, I've still got a lot of Christmas food in the house so this week if I even stay the same I will be happy

  • Best laid plans and all that...I've not posted my weight because I caught the horrid norovirus (winter vomiting bug) about 5 minutes into the new year. I am still not eating/functioning quite normally yet. I hope to start either on Sunday or Monday when I'm back to full health so I aim to post my starting weight then.

    Good luck with your healthy eating/exercising this week and let's hope we can get fit not fat!

  • I hope your feeling better soon

  • All better now - been back to work for 2 days and thankfully it all seems like a distant bad dream! Weigh-in for me tomorrow and starting the 5:2 fasting diet again on Monday with healthy eating in between. D-day s nearly here.

  • Glad your feeling better, how did you get on with the 5-2 diet before as the idea of eating pretty normally on 5 days sounds great but I'm not sure I could eat hardly anything for 2 days

  • I did quite well but it is hard to maintain for months on end. The very first week I lost 7lbs which is the most I've ever lost in one week before. As you say, eating fairly normally the rest of the time does help too. You have to have a tight hold on what you eat for the fasting days of course. I used to eat between 500 and 550 calories but I have to admit that I have never been bothered with counting exact calories etc. I used to eat a small portion of unsweetened muesli with skimmed milk, a small salad with a tiny amount of strong cheddar or feta cheese and only a small amount of balsamic vinegar or reduced calorie salad cream/mayo as the dressing and then I'd have a calorie controlled ready meal or a stir fry with soy sauce and Chinese five spice with no rice or noodles of course. My husband would eat about 600 cals on his fast days. I'm going to start this way for at least the first 6 or 8 weeks and then do portion control with healthy foods for the rest of the week. Snacking in the evenings and at work is my enemy but I am determined to make it work. I would have 2 normal days between the fast days as I struggle with only 1 day in between. It's also easier to fast on your busiest days of the week and where you might go to bed earlier too as late evenings are trickier when you're peckish!

  • I weighed myself this morning and my starting weight is 17st, 5.5lb or just over 110kg. I'm going to be fasting tomorrow and again on Thursday which should be my routine for a while. Good luck Liz and anyone else who has made a start.

  • Hi MummaDJ and welcome to the forum.

    I see you've weighed yourself and you might want to take a few measurements too.

    Have a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts (to the right of the screen on a pc or at the bottom on a mobile); there is lots of useful information there for starting out.

    We are having daily weigh-ins every day except Sunday. I'm posting tomorrow's one, so you may want to pop along and put your weight in on there.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey and looking forward to seeing you on the forum ☘

  • Thanks for that, I'll post my weight in tomorrow's weigh-in too.

  • Thanks good luck to u too I weigh in tomorrow so I will see how I've done although I don't think I've done great this week as there was still some Christmas bits in the house but they are all gone now so hopefully next week will be better

  • Oops, I'm not good at this regular posting stuff. I weighed myself yesterday (Sunday) morning and have lost 3lbs in my first week of doing the 5:2 diet. I'm quite happy with that although the very first time I did the 5:2, a few years ago, I lost 7lbs in my first week - not something that I seem to be able to replicate unfortunately.

  • Well done I weighed myself today and I lost 4lb but I am going to change my weigh in day to Thursday as the Monday weigh on here is very busy

  • Hi Liz how are you getting on? I've just started my diet and need to loose 6 stone in total. I'm determined (at the moment!) and know that the weight loss will not always been what I hope but you have to look at it long term. I lost 4 lbs in my first week but know this week may only be 2. I did loose a lot of weight when I was younger and put it all back on. As I'm now 43 I'm concerned about my health so am doing this for myself and to inspire my son who is also getting a little tubby.

    I hope you are still going strong with your weight loss.

  • Well done on your 4lb loss, even if you do lose 2lb this week it is still a loss and at 2lb a week you can lose the 6 stone in a year I'm aiming to lose the 6 stone in 15 months as that's when I turn 30 and I can buy myself a nice party outfit and look and feel good in it so far I have lost 7lb

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