My official Christmas gain

I always weigh on a Friday "officially", as in its the only weight I write down. That hasn't stopped me from weighing throughout the week and staring in shock at 4lbs that stuck to me stubbornly everyday.

I did a bit of research into water retention yesterday and drank just green tea and water all day to help "flush out" my system! And amazingly, I've only gained 2lb today instead of the 4 that was there yesterday.

This made me think it WAS half water retention (as I was sure I didn't overeat by 14,000 calories) and I am now going to be much more aware of much salt I have in my food. Not usually an issue, but when Christmas came around so did lots of cheese, crisps and white bread - all salty, all things not usually in my diet.

Anyway, feeling very positive! Will aim to get rid of that by next week and be off to a good start for the new year! :)


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15 Replies

  • Yes and a lot of it is bulk that is in your intestines and the water around it too, once that has passed through, your weight will be much better.

    I am sure you will be back on track by the end of next week and the new year will definitely be off to a great start!

  • Interesting, mine has panned out to be a 2lb gain over Christmas as well - not too bothered as I know it will come off quickly and may even kick start greater losses!!!! Forever the optimist!

  • This is currently my view! I'm hoping it'll mean a great weight loss for next week! :)

  • Mine was roughly a 2lb gain, well 2,5 actually very annoyed by that, mine was cream and extra puds, very smply that, do seem to getting more gas of late, was this mornng and it woke me, nasty gone in about an hour tho.

    Was back on track boxing day, hoping its all gone by the end of next week please!

  • Yes puddings and treats seem to be everywhere! Next week is a new week AND a new year, I'm sure you can get those few lbs off! :) time for us all to get back on track!

  • I think a few pound gained over Christmas isn't too bad in the overall scheme of things. Hopefully we all had a good time and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, that's important, and we will soon shed these extra pounds! :-)

    Onwards and downwards!

  • A few, 2.5 was too much, was hoping nearer a 1lb, been gone, back to normal soon 😌

  • I had gained 4 lbs but it's gone already. I've got a nasty cold which has stopped me getting back to the gym which I wanted to do in these few days. It has however made me only want soup and toast! Which has probably helped. I have 're-set' now for the post Christmas period; going to go for a walk now to try and get moving. All best

  • Well done having shifted your gain already! :) hope you are feeling a bit better now. Good luck!

  • Thank you for sharing this. I will try green tea and water to flush me out too. I have a 3lb gain to shift but as others have said this isn't the end of the world it is a new beginning and fresh start to more weight loss over the next few weeks.

  • It definitely could be worse. Last year I gained 7lbs (or something like it) so in comparison this year is a lot better!

    I think the increase in salt had a lot to answer for for me, just make sure you don't over hydrate or over compensate :) :) so a day of limited caffeine, no alcohol and green tea helped me.

    Good luck and I hope your year kicks off with a great weight loss :)

  • I'm definitely in for upping the water. But I find green tea so bitter! Congrats on blinding your scales with science. They need to be put in their place every once in a while :)

  • I hated green tea at first but have gradually convinced myself to like it, similar to porridge!

    I wonder if fruit flavoured tea might have a similar impact but I'm not sure :) I think avoiding the caffeine and more water probably made the biggest difference as I'm not sure of the scientific accuracy of my findings lol. But the scales rewarding my efforts so I'm happy with that!

  • I did get the bakewell tart flavour green tea at one point. It tasted really quite convincingly like bakewell tart but not quite enough to mask the bitterness!

  • Lol sounds intriguing! My friend got some salted caramel green tea. I don't like it as it feels a bit odd to me :) but I do like raspberry and pomegranate.

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