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I've been here before and don't want to stay

Hi there I'm just starting the NHS plan. Ive put on so much weight lately and I feel like slitting my wrists. I've been comfort eating and I don't feel very good about myself any more. BUT I need to start somewhere and i have to find the courage to win this battle. I have a big family with lots of grandchildren and I want to be around. Not just for them but for me. I have a wedding to go to in August so I'm using that as one of the reasons to make a start now. I feel like a BAG LADY. Sorry to be so un positive I'm crying inside and just needed to get this show on the road and blurt it out. I WILL DO THIS

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You can do this, you have your whole family to live for. August is a long way away and you can make such a massive difference by then. I just looked st holiday photos from October and can't believe how different I look in only 2.5 months. You can do the same. Be strong - control your appetite and move as much as possible. Take it slowly at first if you need to - good luck 🤞😊


Of course you will. Small steps. Do not look at the big picture every 1lb lost counts. Put £1 in a jar for every 1lb lost. Then treat yourself. Plenty of good support on here to x


Sorry to tell you that food will never comfort you, only a temp fix, which seems tempting at the time, what else can comfort you, I have a fab cat, a wonderful moody beast who soothes me.

The reality is by starting to lose weight is you will almost certainly feel better, and eat better, it's tough at times and food is only fuel at its basic form.

Check out healthy affordable meals that will make you feel better about you, distract yourself and good luck!



Your not alone I feel just the same, my uniform is bursting my cloths are tight and feel just horrible. It is a struggle just to put my face on and do my hair. but we need to be positive and start somewhere so bring on the new year and the new us.


I cry inside everyday, however take small steps that is my plan. I am new here this is my second day. I will begin my new approach on the 2nd Jan 2017. I have planned this - I have kept a diary now for 12 weeks, I don't cheat I am honest about all the food I am eating. I plan to be realistic about it. I too have grand children that I want to see grow

You can do it, we can all support you here since we are all on the same road

Good luck

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violin1959 , I feel for you. It can be so tough when we feel really low about our eating habits, many of us have been there over the years, I know I have. Take heart...you can successfully lose weight by August, and we will support you! Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!

My tip would be to use this BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator to work out the calorie range you need to work within in order to lose weight:


For example, my range is 1779-2287, so if I eat around 1600-1800 calories a day I should lose one or two pound a week. I have lost a stone in 3 months using this method.

I hope that can empower you and help you as a starting point.

Wishing you all the best for a bright and positive new year in 2017, and hope to maybe see you around on the forum. :-)

Ruby8 x


I saw an ad for a radio programme about the chef Tom Kerridge losing 11 stone over 3 years - that works out at an average of less that 1lb a week! Steady loss wikk add up if you're consistent about eating more healthily. I have to lose weight for an operation this year, it's tempting to go for the crash diets but they don't work for me. I just get fed up and give up.


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