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Fungal conditions frequency in weight-gainers

Hi All,

Just wondering whether common fungal issues, such as athlete's foot and sweat-rash occur more often in those who easily gain weight, compared to their slimmer counterparts.

Would particularly like to hear from those with long term fungal issues and corresponding weight gain.




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You make me feel like you just want us for research purposes and I wonder what your motives are. Could you explain why you want to know this and your post yesterday?

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Fungal conditions can be connected with too much sugar in the diet so that is clearly a link. For example if you have candida you are recommended to cut out all sugars and yeasts from your diet. I suffer from athletes foot and toenail fungal problems but I think it is due to hiking, wearing walking boots and trainers and having damp or sweaty feet over a long period of time. However I do have a sweet tooth and I am a little overweight so I don't think it helps. Also sleep you asked about, I find if I eat too much sugar in the evening I can't sleep, I fall asleep quickly but then I wake up wide awake. I am quite sure that is a food issue because when I eat well I sleep well.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks for your considered reply.

For those having to wear socks and boots/footwear for long periods, this is likely to be one notable contributing factor to fungal infections in feet not clearing up. However, others seem to be vulnerable to this condition persisting in spite of keeping feet exposed to the air most of the time and as clean and dry as possible.

In such a case, the condition may respond too poorly or not at all to topic treatments and even changes in diet. Something else is likely to be going on, . . . . . which is not being widely understood still - perhaps the body's ability to deal with such infections, which remains unimpaired in those without this issue.

However, the lack of responses to date would suggest this is (perhaps) not too common an issue ?

Best wishes for 2017 and beyond,



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