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New here - wanting to make changes but doubting my ability to do so...

Hi all,

Like most people, I'm planning on changing my eating and exercise habits once 2017 begins on Sunday.

I am 28, 5ft 1 and overweight. I used to be a teacher so was on my feet all day and walking from classroom to classroom; however, since changing jobs last year I am mostly sedentary as my job involves driving from school to school and sitting down tutoring children.

I also suffer from PCOS which has contributed to my weight gain around my middle.

I want to lose weight to minimise my risk of diabetes (there's a history of it on my mum's side) and to feel better - I have next to no energy, get frequent headaches and am tired most of the time.

Hoping to use the forum for motivation and to share ideas - I struggle the most with snacks, portion size and exercise.


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Welcome to the forum Amy. Sounds like your current job is contributing to your weight gain, not only sitting down a lot but also more than likely snacking on the wrong foods instead of planning your lunches.

Portion size is one of the most common problems, generally people have 50% more on their plate than they should.

The 12 week plan works - if you stick to it!

Plan your meals, weigh everything and work out what your calorie intake should be in order that you lose weight safely and consistently. It does take will power but it will be worth it in the end. Your weight will come down and your health will improve.

So, no snacks and cut out alcohol if you drink. One bottle of wine is around 600 calories!

Also on your first day weigh and measure your self and maybe take a photograph of where you started this will all serve to give you ongoing encouragement as you progress.

Good luck and have a happy and lighter 2017 :-)

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Don't wait till Sunday - start now. Start counting your calories, even if over New Year you don't reduce them by much. Just monitoring what goes in your mouth starts to make you feel in control. Download the NHS 12 week plan and get going. You can do it- you started by coming on this forum. 😊


Hello AmyBee20 Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I'm glad that you’ve joined. We are a friendly bunch! 😊

First place to look is at the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) and have a look at the Welcome Newbies thread.😊 there is lots of info here, and links to the nhs12 week plan and also for checking your BMR and target calories 😊 it's important to eat enough so you don't get hungry or feel deprived 😊

It's also good to be active on the forum, that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration.😊

good luck and very best wishes 😊

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I have pcos too and a lot of weight round the middle. It is slowly coming off though. I've been trying to cut carbs a bit and have wholegrain or low gi, in case I have insulin resistance, which is quite common with pcos and an under active thyroid (and I have both)

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Hi AB, i get the same symptoms, hope we are free of it soon, good luck with your first week, I'm going to weigh on the 12th jan, what is PCOS, thanks Happy New Year..


I'm going to control those pesky carbohydrates, by having 1 slice of bread, a 3oz portion of potatoe,rice or pasta and 4 to 5 pints of drinks a day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner .small portions veggees on small plates.earlier nights to bed

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There's a saying I came across "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!" So do believe that you can achieve weight loss and be positive about it.

As a teacher you know that nobody is perfect when they first start a new course of study, so also allow yourself to learn as you go, and I am sure that you will achieve your goals.

All the best.


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