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15 stone over weight

Hi guys im new to this so im sorry if i say something wrong ... Over the years my weight as been up and down but 6 years ago i hit rock bottom and i just wanted to give up on life ... So i turned to food and i was finding it hard to sleep and i just gave up on myself . then my doctor put me on sleeping pills and happy pills and the weight just started to hit me big time but i still did not care about myself ... But now it as got so bad that i get breathless just going to the bathroom .the only time i go out is to see my doctor and to go food shopping but i have to sit in a chair ... I hate myself so much but i got myself into this mess now i have to get myself back on track ... Im wanting to do a work out at home untill i feel that i can take the next step by going to the gym .... Im happy to take one day at a time and 1lb or 2lb aweek.... Im not going to look at the stones because that just up sets me .... But i hope that you guys can help me back onto the happy road ... And if you guys know off a work out i can do at home for the time being that would be a big help ... Thank you

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Well done for saying all that. I have 9 stone to lose but have lost 3. I am not so different to you. If you don't feel comfortable going outside to walk then how about dancing in your living room? I find this cheers me up, passes time and gets me moving. I don't worry about what workout I am doing I just move about a lot! I bet once you start you will find it easier. With regard to food, you can start slowly but will still probably find you lose quite a lot on your first month which will be a good incentive to carry on. I am happy to support you and I am sure others on here will do the same. I have only been using this for a week or so but found it has really helped. Good luck, you can do it and will feel amazing when you have just lost a bit!


Please don't hate yourself, Blueeyes. Channel your hate into the marketing of sugar laden food and drink, which will have been partly responsible for you ending up where you are now. Direct your antipathy towards the companies which have made money out of your misery, and promise yourself they are not going to make any more profit at your expense. You have the right attitude - small steps, achievable goals. My best tip is use a smaller plate for all your meals and count your calories. Being aware of your calorie consumption helps keep things in check. Download the NHS 12 week plan and join the rest of us working slow and steady towards a healthier, happier life. We are here for you.


Hi Blueeyes44 ,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. Have you read our 'Welcome Newbies' post? It's in the Pinned posts area, and is well worth a look - like Trimmerteacher I would also recommend having a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as it's very good and easy to follow. I've found the planning sheets to be extremely helpful in keeping me on track with my healthy eating and exercise.

You can download the plan from the link below:


Do join in with anything you like the look of in the forum, and I would like to wish you all the very best in your aim of getting to a stable healthy weight. Personally, I've found joining the challenges extremely motivating.

Wishing you a great week. :)


thank you x


Thank you so much everyone for your reply .... I think im going to get the support what i need to get back on track xxx


Hello and welcome Blueeyes44 😊 You have battled a lot of demons and are winning so well done! You are more than a number on the scales. And we can most certainly help and support you on your weight loss journey 😊

My advice for what it's worth is try to get to the bottom of why you eat the way you do, get to the root of the emotions and behaviour that cause the problems. This is a major issue and in my case, had to tackled or else I was going to continue in the diet/over-eating cycle of the last 40 years. 😕 By the sounds of it you are doing exactly that, and coming on here is the first, most difficult, but most important step 😊 Few of us are overweight due to lack of knowledge or nutritional information!

Small steps, small changes in behaviour, and gentle exercise 😊 (I like Lesley Sansome walking videos on you tube ) and you will get there 😊 Good luck and very best wishes 😊😊😊


Thanks sweetie for the reply .. I know why i hit rock bottom and im not going to let my dad rule my life no more ive not seen him in 34 years but i had 10 years of hell before my mum died when i was 10... Then on my 21st birthday my son stuart died 2hrs old in my arms ... Then got married and that went down the pan after 10 yrs and 6 of them years i was his punch bag ... So food was my very best friend . but ive stop blaming myself for my past as i cant change what as happen. But i can change for a better life now ... Im putting myself first and im going to win this battle with my weight ... I cant wait to start my new life i have so much i want to do and so much to see ... So being on here will help me so much ... Xxx


VERY rocky road you've travelled ❤ you must be strong to have got this far, channel that strength for yourself and your health and you will succeed 😊😊😊


Hi and a warm welcome to this supportive friendly forum where when needed everyone will give you support and advise to keep you on track.

Admitting you have a problem and looking at it head on is the only way forward it's you and only you who can do this and like the rest of usuaeeveryones advice and support to help you.

I have been overweight for about 26 years all in the worst was this May when I finally decided to do something about it and thank goodness I found the forum.

I decided not to weigh myself each week to start with but every fortnight I wanted to just see and feel the change in me and that suits me to be honest.

For exercise I just either go on the treadmill, walk the dogs or I go on one of Leslie Sansomes You Tube walks you just walk to in your own home.

There are also many exerxise programmes wher you can sit to do then if standing is too much.

Your idea of 1-2lb a week is good and a safe amount to loose fast weight loss comes back on quicker.

Like others have said look at small goals why not put £1 away for every 1lb you loose say for the first stone then treat yourself a new hair do, night out, bath bubbles, the list goes on, but something non food.

I could so easily have had anti depressants and sleeping pills last year as I was an emotional wreck still not fully sorted yet but on the right side at least. You can help yourself so much I have found since loosing 3 stone I sleep better, feel better, can even walk up hill now and not get so breathless, wear clothes 2 sizes smaller but most of all feel happier and more confident it's still working progress but together we can do this.

I don't know your age but believe me you can teach an old dog new tricks lol ( I am 56 ) Go for it shout out if you need help, start with the BMI checker for your calorie allowance and I did the 12 week plan it helps educate you I am on it 3rd time round now.

Looking forward to seeing more of you on the forum and watching your progress.

Best wishes Bev 🎄😊👍


never put yourself down, feeling so low is awful ive been there and its a horrible place to be, have you thought about a personal trainer i have had one for the last 2 years not only does he help with my exercise but he really boosts my moral and a good pt will come to your house until you feel that you can go to the gym,

one step at a time is best just do what you feel you can do not what others expect you to do :-)

i bought myself a fitbit and my aim was to walk for 10 minutes then i got to 30 minutes until i was walking between 1-6 miles a day then once i felt a bit more relaxed i joined slimmng world i was 18 stone 10 then and within 31 weeks i had lost 4 stone

you can do this :-)

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Well done sweet keep up the good work xx im going to try and do little work outs at home till im less breathless...yes i have a long way to go but i can and i will do it ... I will take each lb as it comes and not think of the stones because it just up sets me ... To day was the first time ive told people how much i need to lose and that i need some help .... My friends dont understand how a over weight person feels as they are all pretty and slim ... But watch this space .... Im a fighter now i need to for my kids well my 15 yr old son . .... As my baby girl is 21 and living with her school sweetheart xxx


Im 45 in 4 weeks . the way i look at it yes ive had a crap like and i looked at food as away for dealing with my pain and up set ... But the people who have done me wrong they dont care so i beat myself up over it and looking back now i let them have that hold over me as i could not let it go or new how to deal with it .... But now im taking the power away from them and im going to do something with my weight and become a stronger person ...when i saw my doctor last week he said i need to do your weight and i was 27stone 5 and i should be 10 stone but he said i would be more than happy if you can get down to 15 stone ... But its going to take time to get to that but thats fine 2lb aweek = 8lbs in one mth and if i could lose 2lb each week for around 12 mths that is 96lbs thats just 2lbs short of 7 stone and to me that would be fantastic... But im going to take each day as it comes and stay true to myself and write down everything i eat and drink ... And try and do extra 5 mins aday on a work out ... And im going to take a photo of myself on the 1st jan then every 4 weeks so i have something to look back on .... And i hope that i can get help from this wonderful group to keep me on track xxx good luck to all of you and i hope 2017 is going to be a good year for all of us xx


One of our women in group just had her 13stone award it's amazing and I've got full confidence that u can do this to 2017 is gonna be your year

any time I can help just let me know I have a lady that if I feel low or feel like I'm going to blow it I just message her and she helps me to get back on it :)


I think 2017 will be all our year ... And we can share each others ups and downs xx this is a fantastic group nice to know that people care so much xx

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hi there 😆

you've made the first step to a healthy life by posting here... I've only been on here a couple of weeks myself but the people on here are so supportive so I'm sure your going to get lots of support. I ideally need to lose 6-7 stone and aiming to achieve that by this time next year... hopefully we will both see that badge against our names..

As others have said take it slowly to start with.... set achievable goals... move a little bit more ... look at your portions ... & most importantly start to like yourself a bit more & see that you are worth it and you can do this !

Im also 45 and feel I've been on a diet my whole life but something has changed recently.. .. I'm not looking a quick fix anymore and 7lbs a month is my goal.. if I do slip up i just start again the next day.. my weight loss is slow but steady and that is why I've set a 7lb goal per month to stop me obsessing about every fluctuition as I know from all my previous diets my body seems incapable of losing every week and ive accepted that now rather than throwing in the towel when I put on weight..

Good luck with starting your healthy living plan x



I'd like to think there is nothing we can't say on this posts. We are all grappling with our weight, whether it's a few pounds or several stones, and all advice is welcome, as far as I am concerned!

Re exercise, if you are not completely mobile at the moment, I'd suggest getting a couple of hand weights, or you can get 2 water bottles or tins of baked beans etc. and start with a chair-based routine. You can do some arm exercises using the weights, while sitting down, and combine this with some standing up and sitting down again on the chair - if you can stand up and then lower yourself so your bottom is just hovering over the chair, you work your thigh muscles, and if you are a bit weak, you can sit down without doing too much damage.

You can also try periods of standing rather than sitting - eg during the ad breaks while watching TV. Start small and build up to longer and longer periods of standing. Then, when you feel ready, start walking about - whether around your house, or outside, walking is good exercise, and the more you do the better. Also, if you've got stairs, when you are ready, try a bit of stair climbing.

What I'd also say, though, is if you really want to lose weight, you also need to attend to your diet - portion control is key. Exercise will undoubtedly help your fitness, but it won't shift weight unless you also get your diet right.

If you sort out your diet and increase your activity, you will lose weight - it is scientifically impossible not to lose weight if you cut back your calorie intake below what you are using up in day to day living. It is achievable, so I'd say go for it, accept it will take some time and that you are changing your lifestyle not just "going on a diet". By this time next year you will have made a significant dent in your weight problem, and that has got to be worth the effort.

Best of luck with it!


Thank you so much for your reply x


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