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I am New, wish me luck, give me tips please 🙂

According to the BMI, I am slap in the middle of the 'Overweight' section. This is not a surprise to me!! I can't fit into my jeans, can't run after the children without being out of puff and feel quite low. 3 years ago I had cancer and have been binge eating ever since, usually at night, in front of the TV... My weaknesses are Coke, chocolate, salted nuts and popcorn, basically everything I shouldn't be eating!!

So, what is my plan: My sister is getting married in the summer, so by July I would like to have lost between 10-20kg. I am starting to eat healthier this week, sticking to the 1400kcal limit, then next week, starting the couch to 5km thing. If anyone has any tips for me, please post. Thank you xx

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Good luck with it. You could set yourself small goals like 2 kg then reward yourself with a lipstick or something else nice that's not food related.

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Hello :)

There are worse places to be on the BMI chart - and you've come to the right place to start sorting yourself out.

I can't imagine how having cancer changes your life and your perspective on things, if this is the cause for your binge eating - consider if it's something you should get counselling/support with? (Just a thought, not an expert at all and don't want to pretend to know what I'm talking about, so please ignore if stupid suggestion :) )

My weakness is chocolate so you're not alone! You've got a good plan and a goal that you want to reach, which are good first steps. Make sure you check your daily allowance of calories on the NHS BMI checker so that you don't under-eat for your height/weight, as this can negatively impact on your weight loss and can lead to eventual weight gain :)

The NHS 12 week plan is a good place to start if you're interested, I've found it really helpful so far.

Popcorn actually isn't too bad. Tesco and Sunbites do small (multipacks) of popcorn which range from 70-90 calories each, and if you can control yourself to just ONE packet at a time, you can still have them as a treat! :)

Make small changes as you go rather than trying to change everything at once - which I think can be overwhelming and can lead to falling back into old habits more quickly, and reward yourself for going without bingeing. Maybe every week you go without late-night food you could get your nails done or buy something nice? :)

I'm sure other people have loads more and better tips, so use the forum as much as you can as it's a great sense of support.


Thank you Kinbun,

Yes I am getting myself some professional help on that one, which should start sometime in the next 6 months. So that was not a stupid suggestion! 😊. Thank you for all the other tips ( I liked the popcorn suggestions!!


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