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no time to eat at work

I work as a waitress and often work 8/9 hour shifts without a break, which means when I finish work I pig out on all the wrong foods. I often work from 3pm until late without a break which means I always end up eating late.

Even though my job is really active i've gone up 2 dress sizes whilst working here as i'm not eat properly at all.

Does any one reccomend anything I can eat/drink during work to replace the meals i'm losing and stop me pigging out at night?

Many thanks

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Hi Rachio as you are working over a six hour shift you are entitles to an uninterrupted 20 minute break which would give you an opportunity to eat a packed lunch and keep hydrated.



Do you not get any break at all? Surely that's illegal? I'm not surprised you pig out after such a long shift with no food! I'd probably eat someone's food on the way to delivering it to their table!

What about cuppa soups to sip at (if you're allowed one hidden in the kitchen?) Nuts and seeds and dried fruit are a good snack - lots of energy and healthy fat to keep you going for longer. Bananas are a good snack to have as they give you a quick boost of energy.

I want to say maybe a meal replacement shake, like slim fast or a protein shake - but I've never used them, and I'm not sure how much they'll quell the need to eat everything in sight after work. But maybe worth investigating, even look at smoothie recipes if that's your thing :)

If you're working from 3pm maybe try to have your main big meal for lunch - I know it's not always possible, but if you're having "lunch" for lunch and then not eating an evening meal, i'm surprised you don't fall over from exhaustion. I suggest a big lunch to keep you going at about 12/1, then a snack just before you start work (a banana, apple and a yoghurt maybe?).

Wish I had more advice for you - it sucks that you can do such a physical "on your feet" job and still gain weight from eating the wrong foods!


Thanks for your reply. Its driving me crazy that i've gained weight in such an active job but I know it's beacause my diet is so terrible as i'm not able to eat properly.

I like the idea of smoothies.

I know that its bad that we're working without breaks but thats just the way it is in most restaurants, i doubt it'll ever change, kinda used to it now.

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My son and daughter have both worked on hospitality so I understand how difficult it is 😕 When you do get a break it's often a snatched 5 minutes . . .

As suggested above, eating a good meal before work will help, decent amount of complex carbs and protein 😊 Then take nuts and maybe oatcakes that you can keep in your bag 😊 Don't forget to drink plenty 😊

It's a tough one


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