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Post Christmas weigh in

Well I did try to stick to the Thorntons Continental and the Green and Blacks but I have to admit the Roses and the Celebrations did manage to convince me to join them for a mini-binge now and again

Weighed in this morning with a gain of 1.75 lbs which I can live with - before this plan it could easily have been at least ten times that and it would have taken me ages to regain control

Have had a couple of exemplary days in and amongst and am feeling very positive going forward

Wishing you all an early very happy new year - here's to much less of us all through 2017!

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Ahh well done. Very jealous of your weight gain! Definitely not a bad result and im sure that'll come off in no time! :)


You have done well to just gain that amount I would have put a stone on lol.🎄


I think that's pretty marvellous


Well done 😊 I have struggled . . . I blame the sherry trifle . . .


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