Scared of getting started

I've lost considerable amounts of weight in the past & I know that once I get started, I can be pretty focused. This time round it feels harder...I'm older now & getting started seems so easy, theoretically, but in reality it's a huge hurdle. And will I ever manage to keep it off? Will I ever manage to get started? I recognise that my weight & stressful yet sedentary lifestyle is damaging my health, but it feels so unachievable.


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  • Start slowly, making small changes that you feel you can stick to so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. It could be little steps like doing a half hour walk in the evenings after dinner or trying to swap a snack for something healthier. Take it one step at a time, this is the start and to even be thinking about losing weight is a huge achievement so well done you!

  • I think it feels so scary because I'm so exhausted & I can't do the simple things like going for a walk after dinner because I have 2 kids. There's no hope of realistically getting them out the house as they have special needs & aren't that good at doing things for my benefit!! But I have bought a yoga & a dance DVD - I'm planning on starting with 3 YouTube music videos a day for the first few weeks before I build up to the dvds!!

  • Well done thats such a good start! I can completely relate to what you mean about it being scary you're not alone.

  • Dancing to music is a great idea. I have a Fitbit which measures heart rate and let's me know when I am in the fat burn zone. Good luck

  • Hello jet117 you have had excellent advice already. I would just add that many of us have started with the NHS 12 week plan. it might help you with your concerns about staying motivated as it gives loads of helpful information about breaking bad habits. Also try to read the pinned posts for newbies on the right hand side of your screen again it gives lots of helpful information about how to use the site. Try to stay active on the forum and join in with some of the challenges. I wish you luck and determination 😀

  • Hello Jet117 and welcome to the forum.

    Despite previous struggles and current apprehension towards the challenge, by seeking to introduce a daily calorie deficit and gradually reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates, alongside increasing levels of activity (walking will simply suffice, for now), you'll hopefully appreciate that personal hurdles can be overcome.

    If you've not done so already, take a look at the NHS 12 Week Program (on the right of your computer screen or at the bottom, if using a mobile device) as a starting point, as it'll provide an idea of the sort of foods that ought to be consumed and those which are best avoided.

    As for keeping the weight off, rest assured, that plenty of experience exists upon the forum to assist as and when you grow closer to achieving goal weight.

  • Hello and welcome Jet117 😊

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