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walking groups and overeating

im 45 and obese i would like to lose 2 stone ,i know walking works for me but as its xmas i want to wait for the new year for warmer weather ,2 stone has been achieved before and felt much better but let myself go ,so will be joining a walking group at the end of january 2017 .the problem is the family like eating big evening meals so its difficult for me to reduce as the person in the family that cooked the meal does not like wasting food so to avoid arguments i finish the plate every time ,i know i will have to change for my health and walking groups will be the start.

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hi. why not buy a smaller plate just for you for your meals..... then you won't be eating as much and won't offend anyone x


Hello and welcome gemmajoe 😊

Firstly, of you have access to YouTube take a look at Lesley Sansome Happy Walk, they're great fun and you can walk yourself fit in the living room 😊

Secondly, I sympathise with you about feeling you have to empty your plate 😕 After a year and a half of eating healthily and strict portion control I still find it very difficult to leave food or throw it away 😕 But I would most definitely be asking to serve myself the food on my plate, 😊 I doubt the person doing this is aware of the over feeding but portion control the single most effective change you can make 😊

Good luck


Hi Gemmajoe,

For the walks and weather-

It may be worth investing in a stationary bike (that doesn't take up much room) for the days you don't manage to get out?

I've found watching something on the screen helps me to cycle away!

And for the food, Anna61 is spot on in my view.

You must take control of what enters your body - and it's ok if the someone else feels offended! That's a choice they are making and they are entitled to it.

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