I put on 5lb since Christmas Eve!

Well it is a good job I had a nice time but is the 5lb weight gain worth it? Shocked I could have put so much on in only 4 days but I was doing very well before that so my body has probably grabbed all the carbs and clung on tight. Well back on the paleo diet today. I will lose 4 by next week. No more junk for me! Off to the pool, hope I don't sink.


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  • don't worry about it Ella.. we all expect to put on some weight over Xmas.. but your already on the right track today to start getting it off.. I'm sure u will be surprised how quickly those 5lbs will come off once you get back into your routine again...

  • Thanks! I am hoping so. It might have been the giant bag of peanuts that did it!

  • Hi EllaMidlands I put loads of weight back on - the treats started last Thursday. I'm trying to be better today. I'm out for New Year's Eve & will have what I fancy from the set meal & start again properly on 1st January πŸ˜„

  • As I said somewhere else, it's just not fair that we struggle to lose every tiny micro ounce, but mega pounds come back on in a trice! 😝

  • Thanks for your support! I am not going to beat myself up about but it has made me decide to not have treats outside of meals for New Year. I will eat some carbs if part of a meal though as we are visiting family but will say no to the pudding!

  • Hi πŸ‘‹ Ella,

    Most of that is most likely water, not fat, so once you start eating healthily again, it should come off quickly.

    Good luck ☘

  • I am 3lb less today so you are right it was probably just water or else my body trying to hang on to the carbs knowing no more were coming. Bloatedness has gone a bit. By Tuesday I hope to be back to where I was on Christmas Eve - 2lb to go. I am glad I got back healthy eating rather than waiting until January to start. I can do this!

  • You are very brave getting weighed! I'm too scared! πŸ˜•

    Enjoy your swim 😊

  • I would prefer to weigh and know the truth. I record it daily in mydietcoach app

  • Haha me too EllaMidlands. In fact I weighed myself after Boxing day and had put on 5lbs in 2 days. I didn't even think I'd been that bad! Trying to rein it in a bit now but waiting for January 2nd to get back in to things properly.

    well done for getting straight back into a healthy lifestyle.

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