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Year End

GottodothisHealthy BMI
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Hi Everyone,

Total of 2st 3lb lost in 14mnths, dropped down huge dress size 16/18 to now 10/12 more 10 depends where I shop. I'am 53yr old.

My Husband is paying for a Personal Trainer once a month to help me to stop losing and shape my body (still have tummy) some call it toning. I have managed so far without one but finding it hard now.

I started this journey not realising how difficult it would be at certain times, while knowing quick fix was not a good idea slow and steady keeps the weight off.

Yes I cheated and ate cake, sweets and chocolate when craved them. Told myself no food was restricted or forbidden ( I would want it more). Installed myfitnesspal on my phone, joined the gym and found this community. All good and helpful.

Thank you to all who helped me through difficult times, helped me realise people putting negativity into my hard work are only jealous and help me to the stage I'am at now. There are two hard stages the first admitting you have a weight problem then doing something about it and then when lost the weight keeping it off (which is where I'am). Not leaving this site still need you all and hopefully can offer advice to others.

Thanks again to all. Happy New Year, hope 2017 brings everyone to their goal.


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Hi Wendy,

Well you have done amazingly well! I hope I can hang in there like you.

Yes times can be tough!

Well done 😊

Claz1 stone

well done you . good luck with maintaining x

Fab post and a great inspiration, very happy for you xx


Ruby81 stone

Lovely story and a great success, well done. :-)

Wow, Gottodithis! You look very fit in that photo! Great legs. I am sure if you keep training, the tummy fat will eventually let go too! I am a new maintainer myself - we can do this!

Fab pic! Well done. Inspiration for the rest of us. Great to hear it's not a quick fix and look what you can achieve through slow and steady!! Really great work.

you've inspired me Wendy 😁

Very inspiring, well done! πŸ˜€

HI Wendy, well done! You deservedly should be very proud of yourself . And very good advise for not limiting any food! If I crave a piece of chocolate or cake etc, I'll wait 30 mins and if I still really want it then I'll have it. Else I "eat around what I want" and end up binging on rubbish.

Good luck for 2017.


YorkshirepudRestart July 2020

Fantastic result. Well done!

HiddenHealthy BMI

Gottodothis great post and you look FIT! Would love to know what the trainer suggests for the old tummy area ;)


Great post and huge congratulations πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‘

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