Day 36

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Its day 36 now and havnt posted for a few days as I have been busy out fund raising and helping others who are on their own which is no real excuse, as I have said previously although I havnt eaten a lot I have been eating the wrong food at the wrong time. I weighed this morning and its not looking good the scales are saying out of the 13lbs I have lost I have gained about 7lbs and I have an appointment with the nurse on Friday and she's NOT going to be happy with me I'm just hoping that she dos'nt decide to give up on me although I surpose I cant blame her but I will try and get rid of some weight before then if I can, Hope everyone is doing ok. x x -:)


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6 Replies

  • Bettyboop64 don't give up!!!! It is a really hard time of the year. Don't think about the weight gain, think about your new healthy lifestyle. You can do it :) You have achieved an overall 6lb loss and that is a loss in the right direction. :)

  • Thank you so much for your kind words and support x x -:)

  • BB, many of us will have gained a bit when we weigh in again after New Years. But what matters is not what you do between Christmas and New Years, but what you do between New Years and Christmas!

  • Hi Iben Thank your for your kind and very true support x x -:)

  • I try to think of this a lifestyle change, and general 'improvement' in diet rather than aiming for 'perfection 😊 Christmas is tough but you are less than when you started so that's a positive 😊

  • Hi Anna Thank you your right everyone is right beating myself up unfortunatly is something I do perhaps I need to learn that lesson first lol x x -:)

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