End of year 'check in'

Happy Christmas all. I've not been around for a while. Life gets in the way of everything!! This time of year the last thing I think of is maintaining a 'diet'. In previous years I've got to 1st Dec & thought 'sod it' I'll start in January. And a few pounds heavier I have. Since I last weighed in properly I've only lost another 1/2 lb but better off than on. Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. See you next year!


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6 Replies

  • Losing over the Xmas is amazing achievement... I'm dreading the scales next week and hoping I've at least stayed the same but I doubt it haha..

    Hope 2017 is the year you get the weight off for good x

  • The weigh in was just before Christmas. 😀 Drawing a line under 2016 (1/2 stone lighter) and looking forward to there being less of me in 2017!

    Thank you for the supportive comment. Wishing you all the best for 2017. xx

  • Merry Christmas to you also Yorkshirepud 😊 Any loss in December is a triumph 😊 Well done

  • Thank you Anna61. Happy Christmas to you too. Here's to a fab 2017! xx

  • Same for me, what with Christmas and the dark days, I 'relaxed' quite a lot. I just didn't need the pressure of 'dieting' along with all the other pressures of the season. At first it seemed I gained weight quickly once I took my eye off the ball, but paradoxically as soon as I gave myself permission to relax, I felt much better about everything. and the end result is I have put about 4lb on over 4-6 weeks, which is not nearly as bad as I was expecting! I know I will soon get on track again.

    So yes, see you in 2017!

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Allowing ourselves to have a more relaxed approach & a 'don't sweat the small stuff' attitude results in a smaller gain but I think makes the forthcoming year & the challenges it may bring a bit easier to deal with.

    See you there! 😀 xx

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