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I attained my first goal

I did! I lost 1kg.

So now it is: Ribaka (26th 76,8kg) need to loose 21,7kg. I would be happy with 0,5-1 kg for next week.

I read a lot of posts from people that are maintainers and I realised that I can achieve my goal weight doing it a pound a week. It's okay. I need a life change not a quick fix.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

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Congratulations on your first goal achieved 👍😊

1lb a week is slow, steady and a safe amount to loose. By this time next year 1lb a week will be 3st 10lbs off if you need to loose that much.

Best wishes Bev 🎄🎉🎁


Thank you. I'm glad you remind me of the big picture. Imagine next year at Christmas. I'll be brand new. 😉

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Well done! I'm looking forward to my first badge soon. You did well considering the season. I ate mostly sensibly yesterday but went a bit mad with the chocolates last night. But it is Christmas!


1lb a week is an ideal goal to go for.. Im aiming for 1-2lbs as well (I've got 7st to lose) but slow & steady is the way to go..


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